Admin @Home Page

The ]project-open[ Admin Home Page shows a menu list of all the available admin pages and links to each of the respective pages.  This Admin menu is specific to ]project-open[ and should not be confused with the OpenACS Admin Home Page.  Although the two pages are similar, the vast majority of administration actions in ]project-open[ occur from its admin homepage and not that of OpenACS.




Available Admin Operations from the Admin Home Page:


  • Upgrade Information - check for available system updates and execute them
  • Delete Demo Data - nuke all system data to start fresh
  • Convert Parameters (Windows to Linux) - re-formats OS specific data so that data can be ported back and forth between OS's
  • Convert Parameters (Linux to Windows) - the inverse action of the above
  • Anonymize the Server - make user actions and activity on the server anonymous (useful for demo purposes) 
  • Import Data From LTC Organiser - import data from the outside LTC-Organiser Application
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