Localization FAQ


Is project-open available in my language?

Find a list of language ]project-open[ is translated into here

How do I localize ]project-open[?

Find a list of language ]project-open[ is translated into here

Please note that we provide a dedicated localization server that is used by our Partners in charge for localization. If you want to become Translation Partner for a language that is not yet covered please get in touch with us.

I translated and localized ]project-open[.  How can I contribute my work to the ]project-open[ product?

First of all we very much appreciate your contribution to the project. If you are not an official ]po[ Language Partner but you have localized ]po[ on a local machine please proceed as follows:

  • Export all translation strings to XML files. See this page for more details.
  • Extract the XML files from your system and send them per email to one of the members of the project-open core team.

    Here an example how you can extract the files on a *nix machine using cpio:
    find . -name '*.xml' |cpio -pdvm /tmp/cat/

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