Indicators are reports that track one single business aspect to provide decision makers with relevant and concise data that barometrically represents the current corporate climate.  ]project-open[ extracts information and converts into an easy to follow graphic display to forecast future trends and understand past ones. These indicators are pre-defined and most are available with the standard ]project-open[ download.  


Customer Management 


Financial Management 

  • [Net Margin for Last Two Months]
  • [External Costs]
  • [Revenues]
  • [Gross Margin for Last Two Months]


Human Resources Management 

  • [Headcount]  
  • [Sick Days per Month]
  • [Average Employee Time in Company] 


Project Management

  • [Productive Hours]
  • [Late Projects]
  • [Open Projects]
  • [Projects per Project Manager] 

Timesheet Management 

  • [Average Timesheet Hours Per Project]
  • [Average Timesheet Hours Per Employee] 

System Usage 

  • [Forum Use]
  • [Financial Documents per Project]
  • [Live Operation Duration] 



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