CVS Integration

CVS is a popular open-source version management system.

Integration Scenario "Read CVS Log Message"

An IT organization (department of SME) develops one or more software products managed in CVS. CVS "commit messages" are read by ]project-open[ and checked for references to ]po[ [projects] or helpdesk tickets. Commit messages are then associated with these ]po[objects, allowing to track the relationship between code changes.

Integration Scenario "Web-Front-End for CVS+ACL"

]project-open[ serves as a web-frond-end for CVS+ACL in this scenario. ]po[ provides the data-model to store group information with users. A Perl client uses the ]po[ REST interface to access the configuration and to generate a "group" file suitable for CVS+ACL.



Integration Details

Please see the intranet-cvs-integration package for details.

An integration with SVN is under development.

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