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This is the base package for tracking and managing Freelancers who are potentially or currently involved in projects and working independently on them on a contract/temporal employment basis.  Included in this base package are two services:


  • Freelance Skills - a database that records what skills are possessed by which freelancers, including an evaluation and ranking of these skills by 3rd party evaluators  
  • Freelance Marketplace - a workflow to petition a pool of freelancers possessing a particular skill by e-mail whether they would like to participate in a project



(Screenshot displaying the results of a search on the freelance database for translators with English as the target language and Spanish (Spain) as the source language)


This package is currently closed source software and is available for purchase at the Project-Open Store 


Freelance Skills

Skills can be displayed categorically along with their ranking, and whether or not these skill claims have been confirmed by an outside reviewer.  This Skill display can be found on the employee/user profile page of the freelancer.   


(This freelancer's claim to have high ability in the "Med" subject area has yet to be confirmed, while the rest are all check mark confirmed)


(Evaluators are given permissions to edit freelance skill profiles, ranking their skills and confirming them)


Freelance Marketplace




  • Active and Stable

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