One Time Passwords FAQ

One Time Passwords (OTPs) are meant for use in only specific situations, and should not be used on a regular basis to gain access to the system.  The use of OTPs is enabled automatically for each user depending on the privileges of the user and the type of connection channel (trusted Intranet or untrusted Internet).  OTPs are frequently of use in public situations like Airports or Internet Cafes.  If the system finds the connection to be insecure, the user will be prompted to enter an OTP




I'm locked out of my account but my OTP list is current, what should I do?

  • After x# of incorrect login attempts (default is 3) the user will automatically be barred from further attempts, and in order to regain access to the system must either generate a new list of OTPs (only possible using a trusted and secure connection) or contact the System Administrator to provide a new list remotely.

How will I know when I should generate a new list of OTPs?

  • The system will print out a warning if there are less then x# of OTPs (defualt is 10) left on a user's list. This way, the user will be notified to renew their OTP list.
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