Admin SQL Profiling

The SQL Profiling page provides information about interactions between the database and commands and queries being issued from within the ]project-open[ interface.  This is useful in tracking down lags and seeing the actions leading up to crashes.  From the main page a list of every command run on the database within the parameter range of time can be seen.  

The time and duration of the query are recorded along with the IP address and the file pathname containing the SQL.  If you would like to see the SQL along with the statistics associated with each SQL commands, first turn on,


  • "Database statistics is currently off (turn it on)"

and make sure that the statistics have been enabled.  Once they have been enabled, click on any of the commands that are listed and get a more detailed breakdown of what exactly was contained in each request.

To set the parameters on the time window and other viewing options click, 


  • "Set Package Parameters"

for an options menu. 


  • Admin Home Page
  • [Interactive Shell] - executes commands and displays their results by direct interaction with the AOLserver


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