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This page provides an index to contents suitable for developers.

How do I start out developing modules/extensions for ]po[ ? 

Check developers FAQ

Developer Documentation

Resources for Software Developers about the at-large structure and theory behind ]project-open[

  • Architecture - the ]project-open[ blueprints
  • Data Model Cookbook - guide to writing your own detailed reports to extract data from the ]project-open[ database
  • Data-Model - the object-oriented database structure of ]project-open[
  • Development Methodology - advice and a practical guide on how to go about making additions and extending ]project-open[ by yourself
  • Development Guide - ]project-open[ 101
  • [Package Code Example] - All of the source code for the "Expense" package with commentary and mark-up
  • OpenACS High-level Tutorial - An architectural explanation of OpenACS, the platform program on which ]project-open[ is built
  • [Extreme Programming] - Using XP practices to develop ]project-open[

Until we haven't finished restructuring the developer section, Google and the Full Text Search  of http://www.project-open.org are your best friends.

Commit Log

A Commit Log is available at  http://www.project-open.org/commitlog.txt

]po[ Developer Mailing List 

Stay informed and receive important updates related to ]project-open[ by subscribing to our mailing lists. We manage our mailing lists  through SourceForge.
Activity is quite low at this point, the SF forum is still the number one communication platform for community and ]po[ Core Team. 

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