About PM Methodologies

At ]project-open[ we plan to integrate popular PM methodologies by providing specific templates for

  • Configuration,
  • Projects and
  • Documents.

We are currently in the process of identifying general need and investigate integration options.

There are various options when it comes to the management of templates and documents:   

Option 1: MS Office / OO / LibreOffice Documents

For this endeavour we have started a collaboration with our Partner 'actio ad futurum'.

In a first step the following features have been added to the ]po[ Standard Product:

  • Download Template Document as ODT / MS WORD (.doc, .dox) or PDF format.
    Templates will be pre-filled with data maintained by ]po[

  • Upload Template to a ]po[ Project straight from MS WORD
    (Ease of use - no more savings to local HD and subsequent upload through web interface


  • Easy handling for all users
  • Easy integration of existing templates
  • Permission management using ]po[ File Storage


  • ?

Option 2: Using ]po[ XOWIKI Form Generator

XOWKI provides a convenient and powerful Form Generator which can be used to design templates.


  • High integration with other ]po[ data
  • No 3rd party software required


  • The XOWIKI Form Generator is yet to be integrated with the ]po[ permission system


If you would like to learn more about the current status of this initiative please do get in touch  with us.

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