Email Reminders

Use case to be supported:

  • System should send (semi-) automatically email reminders for 
    • Invoices
    • Tasks to be delivered/completed
    • etc.


  • Portlet showing User specific auto-generated emails reminders 
  • Email texts for emails are predefined as OpenACS Localization Strings and can be edited by user before sending
  • Give user the option to cancel sending process (in case of last minute payment)
  • Reminders might contain auto generated PDF documents of invoices

Agenda 'Icons': 

  • view email (shows POP-UP with email txt)
  • edit email (shows POP-UP schowing pre-set txt in text editor)
  • send email (sends email)
  • remove email (removed mail from list, mail will not be send)


  • Change invoice status automatically (true/false)
  • Send reminders automatically (true/false)
  • First Reminder after x days  (x=0 No Reminder)
  • Second Reminder after x days (x=0 No Reminder)
  • Third Reminder after x days  (x=0 No Reminder)


Depending on customer need and budget this request can be implemented in multiple phases:

Phase 1:

  • Automatic sending of reminders (no GUI)
  • Invoice will get a checkbox "Send Reminder". When set, 3 reminders will be send automatically when no payment is done

Phase 2:

  • Implementation with GUI (as seen above)

Phase 3:

  • Automatic calculation of fees/interest for overdue invoices based on configurable business rules
  • Option to attach original invoice as PDF Document to email

Phase 4:

  • Integration with package "intranet-mail-import" to use Portlet that shows invoices sent related to an particular invoice / task


  • Likely to be implemented using the OpenACS Notification package 

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