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Localization to Russian
Beringov pr., 3
Moscow, Russian Federation

Phone: +7 (909) 962-5976
E-mail: info@loc2.ru
Web: http://www.loc2.ru

About Localization to Russian:

Loc2.ru provides localization (translation and adaptation) of any content to Russian language. We are pure Internet company. This means that we do not have physical offices, keep number of permanent employees minimal and outsource all tasks that could be outsourced. Using state-of-the-art ways of communication and collaborating over the Internet, we just do not need much presence in physical world. And what is most important, this cuts costs significantly, so we can offer to our clients perfect quality for affordable price.

Loc2.ru provides localization services to ]po[ and acts as a ]po[ distribution partner on the Russian market.
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