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The ]po[ forum package allows for threaded discussions associated to projects, companies, users and other business objects, effectively converting ]po[ into a online collaboration platform.

All forum items are indexed by the full-text search engine, allowing for quick retrieval.


The “Speech Act” Metaphor

The Forum Module is based on the notion of so called “speech acts”. Speech acts are elements of the human language that capture how we communication with other persons based on different types of sentences or utterances that we can make. Certain speech acts are mapped to “Topic Types” in ]project-open[. Each type is designed to support a particular communication model. The following table gives a brief overview about the different types and provides a recommendation on how to use them.  

 Speech Act Topic Types Description
 Question  Discussion  A user has a doubt or question and creates a new discussion. The topics treated in a discussion are frequently of interest to a larger number of members.
 Command    Tasks  Tasks  A user with supervisor capabilities (project manager, customer, …) assigns a task to another user and tracks its execution. The assignee can accept or decline the task and inform about the completion of the task. This item is usually used to manage typical “To-Do” lists. 
"> Help!  Incident  An incident is a kind of task that requires immediate action.
 Shout to everybody  News  Use the “News” in order to communicate global information where reading is desirable but not necessary.
Did you know…?
Notes are usually project-specific and can be logged by all users. They can consist for example of information gained that ought be tracked

Discussions Containers

Normally all discussions happen as part of a

All members of the project can see discussions of the project, as long as they have access permissions to the discussion (see below). However, forum discussions are also available for other objects including

Discussion forums on other objects can be enabled.  

Forum Permissions

The permissions of the forum package are controlled by a number of privileges. Administrators can use these permissions to separate customers from staff and from providers, while project managers may act as discussions moderators:

  • add_topic_public
    Allows the user group to create global messages (normally reserved for administrators)
  • add_topic_group
    Add essages for the entire project or discussion container
  • add_topic_staff
    Messages to staff members of the project
  • add_topic_client
    Messages to the clients of the project
  • add_topic_noncli
    Message to non-clients of the project
  • add_topic_pm
    Message to the project manager only

Typically, customers only get the "add_topic_pm" permission and freelancer "add_topic_noncli". However, these permission are configurable, so that they can be adapted to less rigid environments.

Permissions on Discussion Threads

Forum discussions can form threads when people reply to an initial topic. In this case all permissions and notifications are inherited from the topmost partent topic.


The forum package allows to notify other users for every update or creation of a new reply.

Forum Fields

  • Owner (creator/ client)
  • Responsible (responsible for overall resolution)
  • Asignee (resolving partial aspects)
  • Priority
  • Due date
  • % Completed
  • Owner requires update reports (all, major, none)
  • Privacy Scope (private, project, public)


Related Object Types



Package Documentation

Procedure Files

tcl/intranet-backup-procs.tcl       Definitions for the intranet module 
tcl/intranet-forum-procs.tcl       The intranet forum provides a unified aprearance of Tasks, Incidents, News & Discussions (TIND) 


im_forum_component       Creates a HTML table showing a table of "Discussion Topics" of various types. 
im_forum_create_bar       Returns rendered HTML table with icons for creating new forum elements 
im_forum_full_screen_component       Creates a HTML table with the threaded discussions used for tickets 
im_forum_handle_options       Dispatch request to the proper service contract implmentation 
im_forum_handle_options1       Handle AJAX CORS "pre-flight" request for headers. 
im_forum_is_task_or_incident       Returns 1 if it's a "Task" or "Incident" 
im_forum_navbar       Returns rendered HTML code for a horizontal sub-navigation bar for /intranet-forum/. 
im_forum_notification_select       Return a formatted HTML select box with the notification options for a im_forum_topic. 
im_forum_potential_asignees       Return a key-value list of all persons to whom the current user may assign his task or issue. 
im_forum_render_thread       Returns a formatted HTML representing the child postings of the specified topic. 
im_forum_render_tind       Render the rows of a single TIND 
im_forum_scope_html       Returns a formatted HTML "scope" 
im_forum_scope_select       Returns a formatted HTML "scope" select, according to user permissions. 
im_forum_topic_alert_user       Returns 1/0 to indicate whether the specific user wants to be informed about a specific event 
im_forum_topic_status_select       Returns an html select box named $select_name and defaulted to $default with a list of all stati for Tasks and Incidents 
im_forum_topic_type_select       Returns an html select box named $select_name and defaulted to $default with a list of all topic types (task, incident, news, ...) 
im_import_forum_topics       Import the forum_topics file 
im_package_forum_id       Returns the package id of the intranet-forum module 

SQL Files


Content Pages

      assign.tcl Assign the task or incident to a different user.
      forum-action.tcl Purpose: Takes commands from the /intranet/projects/view page and saves changes, deletes tasks and scans for Trados files.
      index.tcl List all projects with dimensional sliders.
      new-2.tcl process a new topic form submission
      new-3.tcl process a new topic form submission
      new-system-incident.tcl Creates a new system error from a "Report this error" button.
      new.tcl Create a new Task, Incident, News or Discussion (TIND)
      view.tcl View a Task, Incident, News or Discussion (TIND)


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