XoTCL Request Monitor - Performance Monitoring

This package provides a "Request Monitor" performance statistics functions for OpenACS applications. It computes performance summary information such as requests/views per seconds, average response time, number of users connected, lists currently active threads, etc. Furthermore it can block overactive users (e.g. automated web-bots mirroring the site, users repeating running queries, etc.). It provides as well some user tracking (such as whos-online) with activity measures, it blocks repeated requests (impatient reloads), tracks switching of IP-addresses from users and provides request tracking per user for the monitored time window. It contains as well overall url statistics with performance measures. Updated for circumventing handler calls OpenACS 5.2 for /resources/*. 0.28 provides calls for listing active communities and users active in these communities. 0.30 provides a nice graphical chats (many thanks to Nima) and a new interface to the background thread. In addition, ns_returnfile_background is included; 0.38 using context form xotcl-core 0.39 brings parameterized counter values 0.39 brings optional activity tracking.


Package Documentation

Procedure Files

tcl/callback-procs.tcl       Procs to support a simple callback mechanism that allows other applications to register callbacks triggered when objects, like groups, in the subsite application are created. 
tcl/throttle_mod-procs.tcl       <p>This file defines the following Objects and Classes: ::throttle<a href='/xotcl/show-object?show_methods=1&amp;show_source=0&amp;object=%3a%3athrottle'><img src='/resources/acs-subsite/ZoomIn16.gif' alt='[i]' border='0'></a>, ::Counter<a href='/xotcl/show-object?show_methods=1&amp;show_source=0&amp;object=%3a%3aCounter'><img src='/resources/acs-subsite/ZoomIn16.gif' alt='[i]' border='0'></a>, ::Users<a href='/xotcl/show-object?show_methods=1&amp;show_source=0&amp;object=%3a%3aUsers'><img src='/resources/acs-subsite/ZoomIn16.gif' alt='[i]' border='0'></a> 


::throttle ::Counter proc set_in_all_instances       A helper function to set in all (direct or indirect) instances an instance variable to the same value. 
::throttle ::Users proc active       Return a list of lists containing information about current users. 
::throttle ::Users proc hits        
::throttle ::Users proc last_pa        
::throttle ::Users proc nr_active        
::throttle ::Users proc nr_users_time_window        
::throttle ::Users proc user_is_active        
::throttle proc check       This method should be called once per request that is monitored. 
callback::subsite::parameter_changed::impl::xotcl-request-monitor       Implementation of subsite::parameter_changed for xotcl-request-monitor 
string_truncate_middle       cut middle part of a string in case it is to long 

SQL Files

Content Pages

      active-communities.tcl Displays active commnities
      flush-url-statistics.tcl delete a revision of the content repository
      index.tcl present usage statistics, active users, etc
      ip-info.tcl Displays information about an ip address
      last-requests.tcl Displays last requests of a user
      last100.tcl Displays last 100 requests in the system
      last101.tcl Displays last 100 requests in the system
      long-calls.tcl Displays last n lines of long-calls log
      running.tcl Displays last requests of a user
      stat-details.tcl Displays last requests of a user
      stat-details.tcl-old Displays last requests of a user
      throttle-statistics.tcl present throttle statistics, active users, etc
      users-in-community.tcl Displays active users in a community
      whos-online-today.tcl Displays who was online today
      whos-online.tcl Displays who's currently online
      whos-online.tcl-old Displays who's currently online


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