Upgrade V5.0 ALPHA using Nightly Builds

Below instructions are given for a Linux System. Instructions on how to upgrade a WIN ]po[ 5.0 box from CVS HEAD will be made available with the release of the 5.0 WINDOWS installer.

To update your ]po[ 5.0 ALPHA version to the most recent version of ]po[ please proceed as follows.

1) Use putty to log into your LINUX box or VM  

2) Perform update as user 'projop'. If you are logged in as user 'root', become user 'projop'

su - projop

3) Make a backup of the packages folder: 

tar -zcvf /web/projop/packages.before_backup.tar.gz /web/projop/packages

4) Make a backup of the database: 

pg_dump --no-owner --clean --disable-dollar-quoting --format=p --file=/web/projop/filestorage/backup/pg_dump.projop.before_update.sql  

5) Go to /web/projop

cd /web/projop

and use wget or curl to download the latest version of the application packages from https://sourceforge.net/projects/project-open/files/project-open/V5.0/nightly_builds/  


wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/project-open/project-open/V5.0/nightly_builds/project-open-Nightly-

6) Rename the exiting packages folder

mv /web/projop/packages /web/projop/packages.old

7) Unpack the downloaded file

tar -zxvf /web/projop/[DOWNLOADED_FILE].tgz

8) Set access permissions

chmod -R 755 /web/projop/packages
9) Install and Update Packages using the OpenACS Packet Manger

As an SysAdmin you should see a Portlet on your Home (http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet/) that lists all executable update scripts.


 Update Portlet

Simply click on the link/button and follow the instructions as given by the system.


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