Intranet Absence Status

Defines the states or a user absence during its lifecylce.

The categories listed below are used as constants in TCL code and in PL/SQL procedures of absence workflows. However it is OK to disable these states and to define new states yourself.

Constant Ranges

 category_id | category
       16000 | Active
       16002 | Deleted
       16004 | Requested
       16006 | Rejected

Constant Meaning

  • Active: This is the default status if the absence is not controlled by a workflow.
    With workflow control, this status indicates an approved absence.
  • Deleted: Technical deletion status. Absences in this status are not shown in the GUI.
  • Requested: Initial state if the absence is controlled by a workflow.
  • Rejected: Final state after the absence has been rejected by a workflow.


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