]po[ Version

This version represents the "final" version published on 2013-05-02 as part of the V4.0 major release.
This version  includes a number of known issues.

Please consider to upgrade to V4.0.5 or later if one of the issues below are important for you.

Installers for V4.0.4 are available at: 

Known Issues

  • LDAP integration - Fixed in
    The login page produced an error "Operation Authenticate is not implemented in 'LDAP' implementation of contract 'auth_authentication' "
  • Project Core - Fixed in
    The project field "Presales Percentage" did not accept empty values.
  • Risk Management - Fixed in
    Editing risks may give errors depending on the type of risk.
  • Invoices - Fixed in
    Deleting invoices doesn't work.
  • Risk management - Fixed in
    An error occurs in the project-risks-report.
  • Localization - Open:
    There are several known untranslatable strings in the ]po[ GUI.
  • File Storage  - Fixed with new AOLserver 4.5.1.rc2 in ]po[ V4.0.4.1.:
    There are issues in both Windows and Linux with storing files with non-ASCII characters. 
  • Financial Planning - Fixed in V4.0.4.1:
    A HTML issue causes rendering issues in some browsers. 
  • Configuration Database - Fixed in V4.
    Full-Text indexing error when creating a new configuration item.

  • Please see the following version for more known issues.

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