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This tutorial explains in detail how to run ]project-open[ using a VMware virtual appliance.

Download "project-open-VMware-5.1.x.y.z.zip" from:

Training will speedup your learning process - ]po[ is a complex product  with many configuration options. 


You can run the ]po[ VMware virtual machine using one of the following products.

Running the ]po[ VMware Appliance

All you have to understand about using this technology is that your computer serves simply as a host to run another (virtual) computer that is represented by a couple of files. So when you download the VMware image you are actually downloading an entire computer as a piece of software. When download is finished, unzip the file to a local folder. Please make sure that you have sufficient disk space available. 

After download and install, the next step is to load the ]po[ Virtual Machine by navigating to the *.vmx file. Allow the VMware player a few minutes time so that your new computer can start up. In case it takes too much time and you have enough memory available, update the memory allocation for this VMware. In VMware Player you do this by choosing from the top menu bar Troubleshoot/Change Memory Allocation.

For installation tips/help we recomend that you consult the VMware section of the Installation FAQ.

Please read the README file provided with the distribution carefully! We have attached below the current (2017-10-30) version.



  ]project-open[ V5.1 Virtual Machine
  Community Edition, 2021-07-21

  This is the ]project-open[ Virtual Machine. This document describes
  the installation and configuration of the VMware appliance.


  1. Quick Start

  This VMware appliance includes a fully configured ]project-open[
  server in VMware Workstation format.

  - You need VMware Workstation Player 12 or Player 7 (free personal 
    license available) or higher to execute the VM.

  - As an alternative, you can use VMware ESXi 5 (free license 
    available) or higher after converting the VM using VMware vCenter 
    Converter or similar.

  - Now start the virtual machine. Please login using:

        Username:    projop
        Password:    projop

    "projop" is also the default password for the KDE Wallet inside
    the VMware.
    As an alternative, you can enter as root with password "root".
    Please change these passwords before using the VMware in a 
    production environment.

  - Please click on the "]project-open[" icon at the Linux desktop.
    A browser should open with the first page of ]project-open[.
    Please login as "System Administrator":
    Email:        sysadmin@tigerpond.com
    Password:    system

  - Please follow the System Configuration Wizard to creeate a basic
    configuration for your business. Don't worry too much about the
    answers, you can repeat this step later at any time.


  2. Licensing

  Please see the attached LICENSE.ProjectOpen file. You need to agree
  with the license terms of ALL packages before using or otherwise
  interacting with the software.


  3. Prerequisites

  In order to run this ]project-open[ for testing purposes you need at 

  - A computer with Windows 7 or higher for VMware Workstation,
    Player, or a ESXi server.
  - At least 1 core of a recent AMD or Intel processor
  - At least 1 GB RAM
  - At least 50 GB of free disk space

  For a production system with up to 10 "active users" we recommend:

  - A ESXi server,
  - At least 4 cores of a recent AMD or Intel processor
  - 8 GB RAM
  - 200 GB of fast disk space with >5k IOPS.
    A standard RAID 5 will cause performance problems.

  For larger installations please contact the ]po[ team
  at info@project-open.com  


  4. Virtual Machine Installer Contents

  The "project-open-v51.x.zip" file contains the zipped files of
  a virtual machine. All files are located in a single subdirectory:


  Please refer to the VMware guides on how to import or run a 
  virtual machine.


  6. Configure the VMware's IP Address

  You will need to determine the IP address for the appliance
  if you want to access ]po[ from your LAN or Intranet.

  To find out the IP address, double-click the "]po[ @ Localhost" icon
  in the VMware's desktop. The ]po[ login page includes a status section 
  in the lower part of the browser:

  - Browser URL:    (sample value)
  - IP Address:        (sample value)
  - Total Memory:    512 MByte        (sample value)

  Now open a Web browser on your computer or another computer and enter (sample value, as above). 
  You should now get the same page as from inside the VMware.


  If you don't see the IP Address as above, you will need to check at
  the network configuration of your VMware and your LAN environment:

  1) Did you enable the Network Adapter in your VMware?
     Please right-click on the "Network Adapter" icon at the bottom of
     your VMware console.

     => Please make sure the Network Adapter is "connected".
        The text of the status is a bit misleading I think, you need
        to read the word "Disconnect"...
     => Please make sure the Network Adapter modus is set to "Bridged". 
        Only a bridged setting will allow external computers to connect 
        to your VMware.

     You will have to refresh the Linux network settings once you have 
     modified/enabled your Network Adapter. Please go to:
     System -> Administration -> Network
     ("System" is located in the left bottom corner of in the tray of the
     VMware appliance, beside "Applications" and "Places")
     Then please "Activate" the "eth0" interface. 

  2) Please make sure there is a DHCP server available in your LAN.
     Otherwise please configure a fixed IP address using 
     System -> Administration -> Network.

  3) Please check the "Network Manager" icon in the task bar of the Linux
     guest operating system. The Network Manager allows you to configure
     your Linux network settings. Please check the Internet for instructions.
  3) Still not resolved? Then please have a look at
     www.project-open.com/en/install-vm and
     www.sourceforge.net/projects/project-open -> OpenDiscussion for
     issues similar to yours. Please ask a new message ONLY after searching
     for a solution.


  7. Basic configuration of ]project-open[

  In order to configure the VMware, please login as:

    Email:        sysadmin@tigerpond.com
    Password:    system

  You will now see the System Configuration Wizard that guides
  you through the configuration of the ]project-open[ System.
  The purpose of the wizard is to simplify the system by disabling 
  unnecessary functionality.
  But don't worry too much about your answers, you can repeat this 
  step at any time.

  For a maximum configuration please choose the "Other / Everything,"
  "Complete / Full Installation" and "Three Hierarchical Levels"
  options at the bottom of each wizard page.

  After restarting the server (last step of the configurtion) you can
  go back to the "Home" tab. You will find a nicely preconfigured ]po[ 
  server with demo data.

  On the "Home" page you will find the "Interactive Administration
  Guide" with a number of additional configuration tasks.


  8. Limits of this VMware

  This VMware contains the free "Community" edition of ]project-open[. 
  This edition does not contain all of ]project-open[ functionality and
  may not scale as well as the "Professional" and "Enterprise" editions:
  - No support and warranty:
    This community edition comes with "no warranty of merchantability and
    fitness for a particular purpose".
  - Traceability:
    The Enterprise edition contains an "audit" package that keeps track
    of changes to all business objects and allows to identify the user
    and IP address of every modification.
  - Business Intelligence and Reporting:
    The Pro and Enterprise editions include an integrated and pre-
    configured data-warehouse infrastructure and GUI. They also include
    a number of add-on reports.
  - Various functional extensions:
    The Prop and Enterprise editions include a number of closed-source
    add-on functionality.

  Please visit https://www.project-open.com/en/products/editions.html
  for details.


  9. Where to go from here?

  - Information & Documentation:
    Please go to www.project-open.com/en/ and glance
    through the available material to get an overview.

  - Troubleshooting:
    Please go to the "Open Discussions" forum at
    Before posting, please have a look at the existing discussions,
    because your problem might already be solved by other users.
    You will need to create a SourceForge login in order to post

  - ]project-open[ Training & Support:
    ]po[ is an enterprise-level application, and some of its
    features can only be revealed by face-to-face training.
    Please consider contracting training and/or support from us.
    We (the ]po[ team) mainly live from these types of services,
    so purchasing services will help us to continue working on ]po[.
    Please contact us at info@project-open.com

  - ]po[ Rollout Methodology:
    This PDF document is available for the VMware's desktop and
    on the "Home" page of the ]po[ server.
    The document provides you with a basic idea of the technical
    and organizational tasks that are necessary to implement ]po[
    in an organization. Please don't hesitate to contact us at
    info@project-open.com for additional support and consulting.

  - ]po[ Configuration Guide:
    This PDF document is available for the VMware's desktop and
    on the Home page of the ]po[ server.
    The document includes detailed chapters on how to configure
    the ]po[ system to your organization's needs.


  10. Stay Tuned

  There are several options to stay in regular contact with 

  - Newsletter:
    Please register yourself on our Web site. This way we are going
    to send you the ]po[ newsletter once or twice per year.

  - Important Security News:
    ]project-open[ News (once or twice per year: security and major

  - ]project-open[ Blog:
    Our blog with high-level reflections on open-source and project
    management (once or twice per month).


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