OpenACS Parameter

"apm_parameters" represent configuration options that affect the way how ]project-open[ packages work. Parameters are the key for implementing "variants" in specific processes.

You can modify the parameters in your ]project-open[ installation in Admin -> Parameters. The Parameter Admin Page allows you to modify the values of parameters.

Please see the list of parameters in ]project-open[.

apm_parameters Table

The layout of the apm_parameters table:

     Column     |          Type           |                   Modifiers
 parameter_id   | integer                 | not null
 package_key    | character varying(100)  | not null
 parameter_name | character varying(100)  | not null
 description    | character varying(2000) |
 section_name   | character varying(200)  |
 datatype       | character varying(100)  | not null
 default_value  | text                    |
 min_n_values   | integer                 | not null default 1
 max_n_values   | integer                 | not null default 1
 scope          | character varying(10)   | not null default 'instance'::character varying


  • "apm_parameter" actually isn't a real object type, because the database table lacks a "parameter_id references acs_objects" field. For this reason it is not possible to modify parameters using the REST API or to define permissions on parameters.

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