]po[ Timesheet Reminders

This package provides functionality to send email reminders to supervisors and employees.
The following process is supported out-of-the-box: 


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  • Automatically send an weekly/monthly overview of hours logged, absences and target to supervisors
  • Supervisor reviews further details in TS report
  • Supervisor sends reminder mail to one or more directs

The package is highly customizable. It allows to delay the sending process in case operations span over several time zones.
It keeps track of all reminders send out automatically and allows to shift or disable the sending of reminders for certain dates or periods.




Example of an email that gets send out to supervisors:

 TS Reminder Notification Email

As of now, localization settings of mail recipients are not being considered. Email template is English (en_US) only. To change the labels please refer to http://[YOUR_SERVER]//acs-lang/admin/message-list?package_key=intranet-timesheet-reminders&locale=en_US


Report with details and option to send reminders to one of more directs:

 TS Reminder Report

 Notification form with predefined email text that can be edited by supervisor:




Package Documentation 

Package 'intranet-timesheet-reminders' is not installed on this server, so there is no documentation available.

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