PM/FI: Pending Invoice Units


  • Some organizations have short billing cycles (e.g. weekly). They create multiple Delivery Notes that will need
    to get first confirmed by the clients before an invoice can be created.
  • The feature to be created should provide user with the information, for how many units of a task a Delivery Note has been created. 

Suggested Extension:

  • New wizard "Create Delivery Note based on Time Sheet Tasks" which works the same way as "Create Invoice based on Time Sheet Tasks" but creates a Delivery Note
  • Add new column in wizard "Units in Delivery Notes (pending)" that shows all units that had been considered in a Delivery Note (see screen shot below)
  • Pending units for time sheet tasks need to be adjusted when
       a) A Delivery Note has been changed or deleted 
       b) An Invoice has been created based on the Delivery Note

Sample Delivery Note:

Technical Implementation - to be verified: 

  • Aggregation of invoice items 


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