Using the Graphic Process Editor


  • Q: How can I reassign existing arcs?
    A: Existing arcs can't be reassigned, they must be removed and newly created.

  • Q: How can I remove an Arc? I can't see a link ...
    A: You are probably working on a WF with existing instances.
         Please work on a copy of the WF to be edited. After finishing make this copy the Workflow to be triggered by changing the related Category accordingly. 

  • Q: The system does not allow me to delete a element I have created
    A: There are probably active cases for this workflow that prevent you from doing so.

Setting Up Conditional Routing

Conditional routing is required when the flow can take two directions, depending on a decision made by a user.
In the following example a request for absence can either be accepted or rejected.

WF Guards

For a simple yes/no question GUARDS needs to be set up as follows:

The condition of this guard will be set to "wf_callback__guard_attribute_true" in case the Absence will be approved:


If the inquiry for an absence is rejected, GUARD CONDITION contains the value "No ther Guards were satisfied".


This way we make sure the flow takes either the one or the other direction.    

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