OpenACS API Browser

This package allows for browsing the OpenACS/]po[ TCL API in a way similar to JavaDoc.

The API entry covers the procedures, content pages, library files, and SQL files for each seperate package installed on the system.

This package is only visible to ]po[ administrators.


(Screenshot of the API Doc Homepage, featuring a list of all currently installed packages.  At the side of the list there are text fields that allow you to search for api procedures.)


(Screenshot of the results from an API search. Clicking on "show source" will lead you to the next page) 


(The API browser highlights call to other procedures so that you can flollow by clicking on them.) 





Package Documentation 

Procedure Files

tcl/acs-api-documentation-procs.tcl       Routines for generating API documentation. 


api_apropos_functions       Returns the functions in the system that contain string in their name and have been defined using ad_proc. 
api_describe_function       Describes the functions in the system that contain string and that have been defined using ad_proc. 
api_get_body       This function returns the body of a tcl proc or an xotcl method. 
api_library_documentation       Generates formatted documentation for a Tcl library file (just the header, describing what the library does). 
api_proc_documentation       Generates formatted documentation for a procedure. 
api_proc_link       Returns a full HTML link to the documentation for the proc. 
api_proc_pretty_name       Return a pretty version of a proc name 
api_proc_url       Returns the URL of the page that documents the given proc. 
api_read_script_documentation       Reads the contract from a Tcl content page. 
api_script_documentation       Generates formatted documentation for a content page. 
apidoc::format_author       Extracts information about the author and formats it into an HTML string. 
apidoc::format_see       Takes the value in the argument "see" and possibly formats it into a link that will give the user more info about that resource 
apidoc::tclcode_to_html       Given a script, this proc formats it as HTML, including highlighting syntax in various colors and creating hyperlinks to other proc definitions.<BR> The inspiration for this proc was the tcl2html script created by Jeff Hobbs. 

SQL Files

Content Pages

      content-page-view.tcl Displays information about a content page.
      deprecated.tcl returns a list of all the deprecated procedures present in server memory
      display-sql.tcl Enables user to see a .sql file without encountering the AOLserver's db module magic (offering to load the SQL into a database) or without returning the SQL as content-type application/x-sql.
      index.tcl Offers links to other pages, and lets the user type the name of a specific procedure.
      plsql-subprogram-one.tcl Returns the specification for a given PL/SQL subprogram (package, procedure, or function).
      plsql-subprograms-all.tcl Lists all subprograms (packages, procedures, or functions) in the database.
      proc-browse.tcl returns a list of all the procedures present in server memory
      proc-search.tcl Searches for procedures with containing query_string if lucky redirects to best match Weight the different hits with the propper weights Shows a list of returned procs with links to proc-view Note: api documentation information taken from nsv array
      proc-view.tcl Display information about one procedure.
      procs-file-view.tcl Displays procs in a Tcl library file.
      set-default.tcl Set user preferences for API browsing.
      tcl-doc-search.tcl Will redirect you to if documentation can be found
      tcl-proc-view.tcl Will redirect you to the server containing the documentation if it can be found
      type-view.tcl Displays information about a type.

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