PM: Advanced Financial Project Planning

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Current Gaps ]po[ V3.4 as of 11/2009

  • Planned units for project task do not consider multiple task owners with different hourly rates
  • Preliminary Provider costs can only be added as "Purchase Orders"
  • No 'Other Project Costs' can be considered in cost estimation
  • There's no report that accumulates all cost estimations

Additional Requirements

Capturing detailed estimates of the amounts of labour, materials, and other resources required to complete each task:
  • Internal Labour Costs
  • External Labour Costs
  • Other Costs

Internal Labour Costs

  • Costs calculated based on 'hourly costs' of internal employee, UOM and Amount

External Labour Costs

  • Costs calculated based on price list of external provider: 'Unit of Measure', Amount and Material

Other Costs

  • Cost type selected from category "Cost Type"

Initial Cost Estimation

Project Summary (/intranet/projects/view?project_id=xxx) will have an additional portlet showing the initial estimation for the project

Task Details w/ Cost Estimations

Task details (/intranet-timesheet2-tasks/new?project_id=yyy&task_id=xxx) will be extended as follows:

Report: Project Cost Estimation

Cost estimation across all tasks in a project are being accessed using a report

Profit and Loss calculations - Milstone

Milestones can be defined for project. Projects will get an additional sub-tab that will list all milestones created for this particular project. Details of the milestones will show milestone name, date etc.

For each milestone estimations can be provided for each cost type. Estimations will be than compared with actual resources used:
  • time sheet costs
  • provider bills
  • approved expense bundles
and the impact on the project margin will be shown.

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