FI: Invoicing based on Employee/Customer Price Matrix


This Extension Request has been implemented for one client but is (not yet) part of the product.
This can have several reasons, most likely approval is pending by the product owner.  
Please get in touch with us in case if you have similar requirements. 


Affected Business Processes:   

  • Create Customer invoice
  • Calculate Project Profit&Loss

Current Implementation:

  • Invoice is created based on material and customer price list


  • PM kann choose arbitrary materials fo timesheet task to influence project profitibility
  • Follow-up examination / Controlling can be cumbersome with hundreds of projects and tasks 

Measure to close GAP:

  • Creating invoices based on hourly rate taken from an employee/company matrix
  • Permission to edit prices is limited to Senior Management
  • Exclude possibility to create invoice based on material concept

Suggested implementation:

Invoice Wizard - First Step



  • This link is optional


Invoice Wizard - Second Step



  • Based on link used choice is pre-selected
  • Based on permissions, not all options are visible

Access point "Managing Prices" 



Price Matrix


  • As an alternative this matrix could be hosted by portlet on the companies main page
    Matrix then only shows employees assigned to this company (works / has worked on a client project)     
  • Default prices are defined with "internal company" and will be copied automatically to a newly created company.  
  • Default configuration for this feature is VRWA permissions for Senior Management


Shows on a monthly basis for each client/project the total amount of invoices issued and the respective hours logged multiplied by the hourly price as defined  in the Employee/Customer Price Matric   


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