How To Convert a VMWare ESXi Virtual Machine to KVM/QEMU

This article explains how to convert a ]project-open[ VMWare ESXi virtual appliance in .vmx format to KVM/QEMU format.



Virt-v2v is a converter available as part of CentOS and other Linux variants. You can install virt-v2v in Centos 7 using:

yum -y install virt-v2v



The following steps perform the conversion.

  • Download the ]project-open[ VMWare virtual appliance from  to folder /tmp/ in a CentOS 7 system as user "root":
    cd /tmp

  • Unzip the VM using:
    unzip (or equivalent for newer versions)

  • Convert the VM using:
    cd /tmp/project-open-v50
    virt-v2v -i vmx project-open-v50.vmx -o local -of qcow2 -os /var/lib/libvirt/images
    (or similar)

Now you can import the virtual machine using Virtual Machine Manager or similar.



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