Troubleshooting Permissions & Privileges

Page element are shown based on Permissions and Privileges. The following procedures will help you to evaluate why certain elements that are visible to some  users are not shown to others.
You need to be a "System Administrator" to get access to the tools explained below.

Evaluate visibility of Portlets 

 1) Click on the wrench


2) Check Portlet Permissions 


Evaluate Privileges 

1) Make sure your Developer Toolbar is visible. Please check http://[YOUR_SERVER]/ds 

2) Activate USR

3) "Fake" the user you'd like to evaluate

4) Go to the page where elements are missing

5) Check output



The list contains all relevant Parameter, Permissions and Privileges together with their status. In the example above you'll see that User "Ben Bigboss" is missing Privilege "View HR". He therefore can't see Portlet "Employee Information"

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