]po[ Version 5.1

Major Enhancements & New Packages

  • Budget Planning and Tracking:
    A new budget management package allows users to define hierarchical project budgets using drag-and-drop. This feature extends the use of ]po[ to "classical" projects in construction and engineering. It also caters to large enterprises who need to track project progress vs. budget consumption.

  • The assignment of actual costs to budget line items works automatically using a classification engine, taking into account cost type, material, project phase, creation user and other parameters. Financial staff can override the default classification. A tutorial is available, please contact us for a free demo. 

  • Gantt Editor Improvements:
    The Gantt Editor was introduced in ]po[ V5.0 with a limited feature set as an MVP (minimum viable product). V5.1 brings a higher resolution in the scheduling engine and about ten smaller enhancements.

Non-functional enhancements in ]po[ V5.1:

  • Fixed Security Issues:
    V5.1 fixes several important security issues that required important changes in system libraries to fix.

  • Implemented CSP:
    The entire application now uses CSP (Content Security Policy).

  • Update of Technology Base:
    We updated the underlying infrastructure to OpenACS 5.9.1, PostgreSQL 10.x, Naviserver 4.99.8 and CentOS 8.2

Change Log

The following is the CHANGE.ProjectOpen log file with technical details of the version. 

	]project-open[ Change Log

V5.1 Changes

Major Enhancements & New Packages

- Budget Planning and Tracking:
  The package allows users to define hierarchical project budgets
  using drag-and-drop. This feature extends the use of ]po[ to
  "classical" projects in construction and engineering.
  It also caters to large enterprises who mainly track project
  progress vs. budget.
  The assignment of actual costs to budget line items works
  automatically using a classification engine, taking into
  account cost type, material, project phase, creation user
  and other parameters. Financial staff can override the default
  classification. A tutorial is available, please contact us.

- Gantt Editor Improvements:
  The Gantt Editor was introduced in ]po[ V5.0.
  V5.1 brings a higher resolution in the scheduling engine 
  and many small fixes and enhancements.


- Fixed Security Issues:
  V5.1 fixes several important security issues that required
  important changes in system libraries to fix.

- Implemented CSP (Content Security Policy):
  The entire application now uses CSP.

Platform Changes

- We updated the underlying infrastructure to OpenACS 5.9.1,
  PostgreSQL 10.x, Naviserver 4.99.8 and CentOS 8.2

- We have finally managed to migrate to GIT. The old CVS
  server only contains code until V5.0.

V5.0 Changes

]project-open[ V5.0 include several major new packages:

- Gantt Editor:
  A HTML5 editor for Gantt charts, similar to MS-Project,
  ProjectLibre and GanttProject, but currently without
  critcial path scheduling.

- Task Management:
  A HTML5 display that shows the tasks assigned to a user
  in green, yellow or red, depending on execution status of
  the tasks.

- Charts and Diagrams:
  V5.0 includes several new HTML5 charts and diagrams for
  visualizing statistics and performance indicators.

- Portfolio Planner:
  A HTML5 editor and scenario planner for project portfolios
  similar to the Gantt Editor, allowing to simulate the
  resource load of the assigned users and their departments.

- Project Earned Value Diagram:
  Shows graphically planned work (from the Gantt diagram) vs.
  actual progress (% done) vs. logged hours. Currently only
  shows numbers based on hours.

- Project Milestone "Slip" Tracker:
  This diagram shows graphically the slip of project

Platform Changes

- PostgreSQL Database:
  V5.0 supports PG 9.2 or higher.

- Application Server:
  V5.0 supports NaviServer 4.99.8.

- OpenACS Community System:
  V5.0 is now based on OpenACS 5.9

- VMware Linux Version:
  V5.0 is based on CentOS 7.

- HTML5 Libraries:
  The HTML5 libraries Sencha ExtJS 4.2.1 and Sencha Touch 2.4.2
  are now part of the core architecture.

These changes are the reason for the release of a major version,
meaning that upgrades from previous versions are not automatic.
Please see the V4.0 -> V5.0 upgrade instructions for details.


- Update to PostgreSQL 9.x and NaviServer 4.99:
  The update increases performance by up to 50% in
  typcial application scenarios.

- Optimizations for 40.000 Users:
  We have optimized a number of pages in order to deal
  with large numbers of customers and customer contacts

- Filter options for large organizations:
  Most pages now contain filter options suitable for
  organizations with 5.000 active users.


- Polito Inc., a Virginia based cyber security company
  has tested ]po[ V5.0 before using it internally and
  found "no significant vulnerabilities".

- OpenACS 5.9 incorporates several important security

- Improved the built-in IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
  of ]po[

- Fixed header injection issue in redirect code

- Fixed a security issue in the 2nd tier defense in


- We never officially released ]po[ V4.1 (please see below),
  so please continue to read for additional changes.

V4.1 Changes

]project-open[ V4.1 is mainly a bug fix release with gradual
improvements thanks to several large customer implantation

New Packages

- Mobile Timesheet Logging (experimental):
  A Sencha client for mobile devices (issues on Android?).

- Rule Engine:
  Allows you to define actions that are executed once a value
  of a project, a task or any other business object (future)
  changes or reaches a certain value.
  For example, a task reaching 100% could trigger a notification
  email to the project manager.

- CRM Opportunity Tracking:
  This package maintains a list of opportunities during the
  qualification and sales cycle (sales pipeline).

- Periodic Invoicing (experimental):
  This new package introduces the notion of a "service contract"
  with certain parameters including a monthly fee, a number of
  free service hours and the price per additional service hour.
  A (semi-) automatic invoicing functionality allows to process
  many service contracts in "batch mode".

- Events & Training Management:
  This new package is now running in production with one
  customer. It consists of a new business object "event"
  that handles resource allocation using a calendar view.

Important Features

- GUI:
  Added sub-menus to main tabs - still accepting comments

- Absences:
  Automatically maintaining groups per office in order to allow
  for bank holidays per office. These bank holidays enter into
  the resource management calculation algorithm.

New Experimental Functionality

- Cloud Backup:
  A new experimental feature allows you to perform backups
  from your on-premise Windows or Linux installation to a
  ]project-open[ backup server. In case of an accident we
  will offer you the option to "resurrect" your machine as
  a SaaS hosted machine within 24 hours.
  This is an experimental service. Please let us know if
  you are interested, in exchange of two years free service.
  We plan to price this "Cloud Backup" service at EUR 10
  per month with standard SaaS charges in case of a restore.

- Project Membership based on Groups:
  A new feature allows you to add groups as "members" to
  a project, company or other business object. This allows
  some customers to streamline permission assignment.

- Fast-Track Customer Contact Adding:
  We have included a new option to enter CRM customer
  contacts + companies including a duplicate check based
  of fuzzy full-text search.

Bugs Fixed

- Timesheet Approval Workflow
- Localization:
  Fixed various non-translatable strings
- Auto-Login:
  Fixed behaviour for automatic login from emails sent
  out by the forum and mailing functionalities.


- A large customer with 40.000 users served as a base
  for a number of performance enhancements that have
  become part of the product.

Small Stuff

- CRM Mass-Mailing functionality:
  You can now send thousands of personalized emails
  messages to customers of other groups.

- Helpdesk:
  Priority changes now send out better notifications mails.

- New reports:

- Fixed Resource Management:
  - New report(?)

- Task Management:
  ]po[ now allows a user to delete a task in a project, if
  there are no financial items related to the task.

- Workflow Vacation Handling:
  Users can now specific their replacement when creating a
  new absence. The absence replacement has the right to
  process workflow approvals for the absent person during the
  vacation period.


- A scurity testing company performed a one week testing on ]po[
  and found no major issue. However, there were several minor
  issues that were fixed in ]po[ V4.1:
  - Header Injection
  - Redirect
  - SQL injection in the category administration section.
    This bug would have been serious. However, the affected pages
    are only accessible to the system adminstrator who has the
    right to perform arbitrary SQL statements anyway.
  - "util_memoize" Issues:
    ]po[ contains a two-layered protection against SQL injection
    attacks. Issues in the use of util_memoize broke the database
    layer in several pages. However, the second "ad_page_contract"
    layer prevented actual exploits.

- Improved IDS (Intrusion Detection System):
  ]po[ now includes a series of "sensors" and an integrated
  reporting functionality to detect unusual activities in the

V4.0 Changes

Incompatible Changes

]po[ V4.0 requires new versions of OpenACS, AOLserver and PostgreSQL,
so customers with AOLserver 3.3.x or PostgreSQL 8.1 or below will have
to update their entire installation. This is the reason for the change
in the "major" release number to V4.0. These changes are justified by
several main improvements:

      * New "XoWiki":
	XoWiki is a full Media Wiki implementation integrated with the
	rest of ]po[.

      * AJAX Support:
	The new OpenACS version (5.7) includes support for a number of
	AJAX libraries. AJAX support is going to become progressively
	more important.

Major Enhancements & New Packages

      * MS-Project Round-Trip Integration:
      	V4.0 allows you to start your project in ]po[, import a project
	schedule from MS-Project, continue to edit information in ]po[,
	export the results to MS-Project for further editing, import the
	results and so on.

      *	LDAP and Active Directory Integration:
      	V4.0 includes a configuration wizard that guides usres through the
      	process of setting up an integration with Active Directory.

      * System Configurator:
	A new configurator allows to export a ]po[ configuration into CSV
	(Excel) format and to apply the configuration to a new server. This
	configurator allows us to define several "verticals" for ]po[ with
	very specific configuration, effectively reducing the effort
	necessary to adapt ]po[ to a user's needs.

      * Project Baselines (Enteprise Edition):
      	This package package stores "versions" of a project and allows
	users to compare the current project plan to previous plans.
	The pac	kage depends on the Audit commercial package and may
	become part of the ]po[ "enterprise" version.

      *	Financial Planning (Enterprise Edition):
      	The package allows for financial/cashflow/budget planning per
	project phase, project member, cost type and date (month, quarter,
	year). Planned values are integrated into the project's financial

      * Project Portfolio Management:
      	]po[ now allows to define define portfolios of projects and
	includes a number of reports and indicators in order to track
	The package also contains "what-if" scenarios to analyze the impact
	of adding additional projects or changing project priorities.

      * Project Risk Management:
      	This package allows to manage a risk plan per project. A graphical
	indicators shows summarized risks.

      * Sharepoint Integration:
      	The package links ]po[ projects to a Sharepoint server for storing

      * Mail Tracking:
      	A CRM package capable of associating incoming and outgoing mails
	with users and projects.

      *	Funambol integration ( Outlook and mobile devices):
      	The Linux version of ]po[ V4.0 will include an experimental
	Funambol integration. Funambol  is a SyncMS server allowing to
	synchronize tasks and calendar items across mobile devices and
	PIM software including MS-Outlook. We expect to improve this
	integration during the course of the V4.0 lifecycle.

      *	SLA Management and improved Helpdesk:
      	A ITSM package that provides "SLA Parameters" to capture
	contractual rules defined in SLAs and a component for SLA working
	hours. Indicators automatically track the value of SLA parameters,
	warning managers if defined SLA levels are close to be violated.

      * CVS Integration:
      	This ITSM package allows to import CVS commits into ]po[,
      	automatically associating commits with projects.
	The package also allows to generate CVS+ACL configuration files,
	effectively allowing to maintain CVS permission configuration in

New Features:

      * AJAX Date-Pickers for all important forms:
      	All important forms in ]po[ now include an AJAX date picket widget
	in order to avoid editing dates in a Web 1.0 type of widget.
	Reports and similar pages still don't have a date picker, because
	most users seem to be fine with a YYYY-MM-DD input.

      * Expense Management:
      	Allows adding notes in multi-expense forms. We have also added two
	additional reports.

      * Extended HTTPS Support:
      	You can now wonfigure which pages can only be accessed through

      * Resource Management:
      	We have added a new New Resource Planning Report.

      * Exchange rates:
      	]project-open[ can now be configured to get updated exchange rates

      * Invoices:
      	OpenOffice "Writer" Export: Invoices can now be exported in
	"Writer" format. In the future we might also add a Writer to PDF
	converter in order to create PDF.

      *	Grouped invoice items:
      	Create an invoice for a main project that contains grouped &
	accumulated invoice elements of positions from sub-projects
	Invoice elements are now related to time sheet tasks.

      *	Translation:
      	* Invoices can now have Discount/Surcharge Lines
	* A "Customer Portal" allows customers to request a quote and get
	  access to their financial documents.
	* Bulk edit of translation tasks is now possible

      * Admin:
      	Admin -> User Profiles now allows to filter privileges by keyword.

V3.5 Changes

Major Enhancements & New Packages

      * REST Interface:
	The REST Web-Services server is now available in version
	V1.5.1 with includes a number of bug fixes. The fixes are
	due to active development of several new REST clients:
	PO-Timesheet  is a REST Java client implementing timesheet
	management. A Perl REST client is available in
	/intranet-rest/perl-client-examples/ showing access to ]po[
	projects. ]po[ partner Winzentis is developing an iPhone App
	using the REST interface.

      * Resource Management Package:
	This package currently contains only a single resource report
	which replaces the V3.4 /intranet-ganttproject/gant-resources-cube.
	The new report:
	* fixes a bug of the older report (related to the maximum
	  length of the URL),
	* provides better performance (now allows for hundreds of
	  projects and users) and
	* integrates absences into the display.

Bug Fixes

V3.5 is mainly a bug-fix release of V3.4, so literally hundreds
of fixes have been applied.

V3.4 Changes

Major Enhancements & New Packages

      * GUI Improvements:
	We have completely restructured the GUI based on CSS "skins".

      * Performance Improvements for large Organizations:
	We have implemented optimizations to improve performance for
	organizations with >1000 users: Caching mechanisms (speedup
	x3 on a number of frequently used pages), SQL optimizations
	(speedup x10 on some reports, x2 speedups on other pages) and
	improved support for parallelization on multi-core processors).

      * Integration of Dynamic Workflow:
	The Petri-Net Workflow was already part of V3.2. In V3.4 we
	have extended the number of objects to which you can attach
	a workflow and we provide default workflows for budgets,
	projects, absences and timesheets.

      * Helpdesk / ITIL Service Desk:
	The new [ helpdesk ] package implements tickets and ticket
	queues. You can assign Petri-Net Workflows per ticket type.
	The [ helpdesk ] package is suitable for all business types,
	even though our default configuration will implement an ITSM
	Service Desk.

      * ITIL Configuration Management/Database:
	The new "Configuration Database" is capable to maintain IT and
	other inventories. A first integration with OCS Inventory NG is

      * ITIL Release Management:
	Release management allows company to track changes in their
	software according to Basel II and SOX regulations.

      * CVS & Host Version Control Integration
	A first integration is available with CVS and Host version
	management systems. The CVS integration is capable to close
	tickets in the [ helpdesk ] .

      * RFQ/RFA Module:
	This new package allows for generic Request for Quotation,
	Request for Availability and Reverse Auction type of auctions.

      * New Key Performance Indicators (KPI):
	KPIs already exist as graphical widgets on top of the data-
	warehouse. We now are going to add a range of frequently used
	financial and timesheet indicators.

New Features

      * New Reports:
	We have added a number of reports and data-warehouse cubes.

      * Reporting for the current year:
	Most reports and List Pages now include a start- and end
	data defaulting to the current year. This feature improves
	reporting speed for customers working more then 3 years with

      * Timesheet Invoicing Wizard:
	The improved functionality now supports non-billable materials
	(type of service) and keeps track of unbilled hours in the
	current invoicing period and before.

      * Improved Invoicing Screens:
	A new AJAX functionality allows for comfortable changing of
	invoicing offices and contacts when changing the customer

      * Financial Documents List Page:
	Added pagination

Bug Fixes

      * V3.4 includes more then 150 individual bug fixes

V3.3. Changes

Bug fixes: We have fixed more then 50 smaller issues and bugs.

New features:

      * Installation & Update: ]po[ now checks that all upgrade
	scripts have been executed. Non executed upgrade scripts accounted
	for an important percentage of user complaints in previous versions.
      * Reporting: Added user-definable reports
      * Reporting: Added an "Indicators" module that allows
	to define and track process performance indicators over time.
      * Invoices: "Canned Notes" implement pre-defined statements
	to include in invoices and other financial documents.
      * Backup: The Backup screen now allows to download backup files
	over the Web, simplifying the backup procedure.
      * Performance: A number of frequently used procedure are now cached
	to improve performance.
      * Rating: Added "Simple Surveys" rating module
      * CRM: Improved the "intranet-mail-integration" Email
	integration module so that it is now usable. The module allows to
	associate incoming email with ]po[ users, effectively maintaining
	an email track record per customer.
      * Translation: Added a link for "editors" to rate their
	"translator" (translation-only)
      * Translation: Added a "Tandem Translation Module". This
	module keeps track of the translator-editor tandem combination by
	counting how frequently an editor has worked with a translator.
      * Translation: Added TinyTM Integration. We have integrated TinyTM
	(an open-source translation memory) with ]po[. TinyTM itself is
	still in "alpha" development/alpha status.
      * System Integration: Improved the CVS Import: We have added an
	algorithm to guess the separator of CSV imports ("," vs.
      * System Integration: Added an UBS (Unified Business Language) for
	accounting applications such as SAP, Oracle or Navision.
      * Localizatin: Added French as a default language.


      * We have improved the upgrade procedure. ]po[ now checks for update
	scripts that need to be executed.

V3.2 Changes

Major Enhancements:
      * GanttProject Integration:
        Project Managers can now conveniently define and modify project
        structures with GanttProject and then upload the result into ]po[
	("round-trip integration").
	GanttProject is an open-source MS-Project clone written in Java.
	The combination of GanttProject and ]po[ offers an open	alternative
	to MS-Project and MS-Project-Server.

      * "Web 1.5" GUI Overhaul:
      	We have improved the GUI to allow users to move their GUI components
      	and to select/disable components. Also, we have added new icons and a
      	new CSS.

      * Resource Planning and Resource Assignments:
        You can now add resources to projects and task and determine resource
        overload across projects.

      * Calendar:
	The new module shows project and task deadlines per day, week and month.
	Calendars can be either "shared" or "individual". Support for group
	calendars will follow soon.

      * Bug-Tracker:
	]po[ now includes a fully fledged bug-tracker that compares to industry
	leading bug trackers.

      * Expenses and Travel Costs:
        The new modules allows you to capture consultant's travel costs and
        other expenses per project.

      * Reporting Engine:
	]po[ now includes its own reporting engine, similar to Crystal Reports
	or Jaspar Reports. A "reporting tutorial" explains step-by-step how to
	write new reports. A graphical editor is not (yet) available.

      * System Configuration Wizard
        A new "SysConfig" wizard allows the first-time user to tailor the
        ]project-open[ installation for business sectors and company size,
        reducing the overall complexity.

      * "Petri-Net Workflow Engine":
        ]po[ now includes a fully-fledged workflow with graphical process editor.
        The WF can be used for example to set and confirm project budgets by
        senior executives, to priorize projects in a portfolio etc.

      * Project Templates:
        Project templates (creating new projects based on an existing
        project template) allows you to standardize and accelerate the
        generation of projects with similar schedules.

      * Dynamic Fields for Project, Companies and Users:
	We have greatly extended the "DynField" module to include DynFields
	in reports and CVS exports. Also, DynFields are now specific to
	object subtypes (for example: Type of projects).

      * New "Delivery Note" Financial Document Type
	Delivery notes are a step before issuing an invoice.

New Commercial "Enterprise Extension Modules":

The following modules are closed-source extensions of ]po[ covering the needs
of large organizations. These modules are available separately from the ]po[
product at https://www.project-open.com/shop/.

      * GAAP/IAS compliant Auditability
	This module captures all changes to financial objects and projects.

      * One-Time-Passwords:
      	Manages a list of TANs (Transaction Numbers) for one-time authentication
      	of users with special permissions (i.e. senior mannagers, accounting,...).

      * Profit Center Management & Permissions:
	The modules allows corporations to define fine-grain financial
	permissions across departments (who can see/modify the invoices of
	each department) and to calculate profit/loss per department.

      * SAP Integration:
	Import and export interfaces to SAP FI.

Minor Enhancements:

There were more then 500 minor enhancements in the last 6 months improving usability
and fixing bugs.

V3.1.2.0 Changes

Major Enhancements:

      * Added fields "delivery address" and "contact person" in
	financial document creation and editing pages.
      * Added separate counters for financial document numbers (invoices,
	quotes and purchase orders). The old configuration (a single
	counter) is still the default.
      * "Create Company from User" wizard speeds up the creation
	of new users and their companies

]project-translation[ Specific Enhancements:

      * Added a "Aggregrate" checkbox in the translation invoice wizard.
	Unchecking this checkbox allows to create quotes and invoices with
	details (delivery date) of the individual translation tasks.
      * Added an extended search for freelancer capabilities in
      * Added a "Translation Project Manager Performance" report to
      * Added FreeBudget and WebBudget CVS imports, in addition to Trados.
      * Translation Workflow File Upload: Introduced a parameter to determine
	whether the uploaded file needs to be named exactly like the
	original file.
      * Translators can now give feedback when uploading translation
	files. The feedback is converted into a forum item.

Minor Enhancements

      * Added a "redirect to log hours" function in ]project-consulting[,
	forcing people to log a certain amount of hours per week.
	Added a parameter that specifies the number of hours to be logged.
	Added a parameter to redirect from "Home", "Projects" or both.
      * Financial documents can be sent as HTML attachments.
      * Automatic advancement of the "percent completed" filed in a project,
	depending on the state of both consulting and translation tasks
	the Translation Workflow Status
      * Added date and currency format localization in the InvoiceViewPage.
	The locale is taken from the invoice template and allows to create
	correctly localized
      * Enabled alphabetical sorting of projects in the timesheet page
	(this was quite difficult because of the hierarchical SQL query
	that includes subprojects and their tasks..)
      * Added "Nuke Demo Companies" option to cleanup selected "companies"
	when taking the system productively
      * "Search" field now clears up when clicking on it (if Full-Text
	Search is installed)
      * Enhanced the permission system for the Filestorage: Now a number
	of privileges determines the default permissions, instead of the
	either very permissive or restictive settings before.
      * Added Windows-to-Linus and Linux-to-Windows conversion of parameters.
	This function allows users to migrate database backup dumps easier
	between a Linux version (production?) and a Windows version
	(testing, development?)
      * Allowing to accept/reject multiple tasks of intranet-forum on the
	home page. This makes it much quicker to deal with large amounts
	of minor bug reports.
      * Added a number of invoice templates in a new intranet-invoice-templates
      * Fixed pagination in Translation ProjectListPage
      * Added several reports to intranet-reporting
      * Various fixes of typos and Localization.
      * Enabling the "State" field in address if the parameter
	"SomeAmericanReaders" is set.

Bug Fixes:

      * Fixed missing "invoice_office_id" in "Tigerpond" preconfigured
      * Fixed "Finance" tab in projects in the preconfigured Demos:
	Quotes and POs are summed up correctly but wouldn't appear in the
	detailed list
      * Fixed a Windows bug displaying Filestorage files under certain
      * Fixed the Company's financial documents "more info..." link
      * Fixed roject's "Profit & Loss" view in the "Tigerpond" demo systems.
	This view was not enabled by default.
      * Fixed URLs in automatic alert emails: Outlooks breaks the lines
	after 70 characters, breaking the URL. The text has been reformatted
	now to avoid this situation (unless you've got a very long hostname...)
      * Fixed ugly JavaScript error if Full-Text Search is not installed
      * Fixed a few issues with "Nuke Demo Data". Includes the situation
	that a user has become manager of a cost center.
      * Fixed "Advanced Filtering" in the ProjectListPage
      * Relaxed security permissions for project budgets.
	Now the "view_budget" privilege controls the visibility, instead
	of the (usually tighter) "view_finance"
      * Fixed bug in sending out multipart emails if the Subject includes a
	newline character.

V3.1.1.0 Changes

V3.1.1.0 includes some 80 enhancements, resolved issues, and resolved
inconsistencies, compared with V3.0.0.6:

Major Enhancements

      * "Delete Demo Data": This functionality in the "Admin" section allows
	you to delete non-master data from a system. This allows you to take
	a ]po[ demo configuration (Tigerpond company), to delete any existing
	projects, users, ... and to use this system to start production use
	for your company.
      * "DynField" (also called "SQL metadata model") allows you to add new
	fields to existing objects and their database tables. DynField
	currently support Projects, Companies and Persons as objects.
      * A new Currency Conversion Module is now available. The module allows
	for true multi-currency profit & loss calculation for the default
	supported currencies (USD, EUR, AUD, CAD and JPY). The module still
	needs to be enhanced to include an automatic update of the currency
	conversion table.
      * A new Reporting Module is now available available as a closed-source
	extension module. The module currently includes only three major
      * "New from Template": This function allows you to "clone" a project
	and to use it as a template for a new one. This is particularly
	useful for organizations dealing with many similar projects.
      * Automatic Project Advance: The "% Completed" field of both
	]project-translation[ and ]project-consulting[ now advances
	automatically, depending on the status of the project's tasks.
      * Automatic data import from LTC Organiser.

Minor Enhancements

      * ]project-translation[: Translator's comments from the task upload
	page are now published as forum items.
      * VAT and Invoice Template default values are now defined on a
	company's page.
      * ]project-translation[: The Project List Page for now shows the size
	of a project with all available UoM (units of measure) and not just
	words and hours.
      * ]project-translation[: Added a field "end-date" for translation tasks.
	This field allows project manager to schedule their projects more
      * Added an edit page for translation prices.
      * ]project-translation[: Added a Parameter to allow freelancers to
	upload a WF file with a name different from the original file, so
	that they can rename the file locally.
      * Added separate permissions for editing the "budget" and "budget
	hours" fields in projects. This allows to separate budget and PM
      * Added a "financial summary" component to the Project's summary page
      * Fixed a number of submit button texts ("Edit Quote" instead of "Edit
	Invoice" on an quote editing screen, ...)
      * Many typos and Localization fixed

Major Bug Fixes

      * Automatic Software Update Service ("ASUS"): Fixed a bug inhibiting
	software updates for the "anonymous" user.
      * Filestorage: Config tigher permissions (very permissive before)
      * Fixed a rounding bug in the "Invoices" list page that could lead
	to inconsisten invoice sums.
      * Employees now can edit their master data in all security
      * Fixed a permission issue that allows users with "add_finance"
	permission to delete payments (that should require a separate
	"add_payments" permission)
      * Timesheet information are now available as a "Data Warehouse Light"
	Cube, suitable to be viewed via Pivot Table.
      * Added default VAT, payment days and financial document templates
	to companies

Minor Bug Fixes

      * Fixed ASUS (Automatic Software Update Service) for "anonymous".
      * Removed the "internal" company from the default price list of
      * Self-registered users are now included in the search engine.
      * Fixed Localization issues with the "Assign" button in ]pt[ in
	languages different from English.
      * User's absences are now shown correctly in the "Users" list page.
      * Timesheet "Weekly Report" doesn't show non-employees anymore.
      * Fixed the sort order for several drop-down boxes
      * Fixed the error message in the translation price list when entering
	German ("1,60") values.
      * Fixed the highlighting of several sub-tabs (such as the "Summary"
	tab in projects)
      * Reduced the precision of financial items in several locations to 2
      * ]project-translation[: Auto assignment now works with any UoM (Units
	of Measure) and not just Source-Words.
      * Fixed formatting issue of VAT amounts > 9.999 EUR
      * Work city" and "work country" are now saved correctly in the Users's
	contact information page.


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