Intranet Project On Track Status

This category type is used for the values of the "on_track_status_id" field of projects.

The category type represents a "traffic light" display to show whether a project is "on track". There exists a special TCL procedure "im_project_on_track_bb [ -size size ] on_track_status_id [ alt_text ]" in order to format the values of the category type as a green, yellow or red icon.

  • Green - The project will on time and in budget.
  • Yellow - Corrective action is required for the project to be in time and budget
  • Red - Alert - senior management escalation is necessary.


You  could also add additional "traffic lights" to your projects. One ]po[ customer defined the following four on track stati and added the four columns to the ProjectListPage:

  • Overall Project Status (the default "on_track_status_id").
  • Time Project Status
  • Budget Project Status
  • Scope/Quality Project Status


Constant Ranges

Please do not modify the following values which are used as constants throughout the system:


 category_id | category
          66 | Green
          67 | Yellow
          68 | Red
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