TaskJuggler Integration

]project-open[ includes an integration with TaskJuggler . TaskJuggler is an open source project scheduling and resource leveling application, allowing to calculate the start- and end dates of project tasks, depending on the available resources and the project and task prioritization.

Please see the TaskJuggler integration package for technical and reference documentation. This article will treat the integration from a user's perspective.

Operation Overview

  1. The interface creates a TaskJuggler ".tjp" project description file from a ]project-open[ project, including resources, resource availability (vacation and other absences), current task completion and past timesheet hours spent on the project.
  2. Based on this information, TaskJuggler can calculate the schedule for the project with high precision and based on updated information.
  3. ]project-open[ then imports the TaskJuggler schedule and sets the start- and end dates of tasks and sub-projects accordingly. It also updates resource assignment information.

Usage Example

  • Go to any project of type "Gantt Project".
  • Use the Gantt editor to create a few tasks with resource assignments.
  • Please observe the "MS-Project Warnings" portlet (at the end of the page) for warnings with respect to missing constraints for Microsoft Project or TaskJuggler. The schedulers of these two products behave in a similar way.
  • Click on the "Schedule with TaskJuggler" link at the "Admin Projects" section at the left side-bar.
  • After a successful run ]po[ will present you with a link to the TJ3 schedule, so you can manually review the results.
  • Press the button "Import TaskJuggler Schedule" in order to tell ]po[ to parse the TJ3 schedule and to overwrite the standard ]po[ schedule.



Related Packages:

  • Gantt Editor for creating (TaskJuggler) schedules interactively

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