OpenACS Chat

Server based chat with an html and java client. Adapted by Peter Alberer 2006/03/25 to allow java and AJAX to coexist. Adapted by Tekne 2006/03/01 to replace JAVA server with AJAX; make use of generalized chat class from xotcl-core.

Warning: This package is not maintained anymore.


Package Documentation 

Procedure Files

tcl/chat-procs.tcl       TCL Library for the chat system v.4 


chat_broadcast_to_applets       Broadcast chat message from HTML client to Java server. 
chat_message_count       Get message count in the room. 
chat_message_post       Post message to the chat room and broadcast to all applet clients. 
chat_message_retrieve       Retrieve all messages from the chat room starting from first_msg_id. 
chat_moderate_message_post       Post moderate message to the chat room and broadcast to all applet clients. 
chat_moderator_grant       Grant party a chat moderate privilege to this chat room. 
chat_moderator_revoke       Revoke party a chat moderate privilege to this chat room. 
chat_post_message_to_db       Log chat message to the database. 
chat_receive_from_server       Receive messages from Java clients. 
chat_revoke_moderators       Revoke a list of parties of a moderate privilege from this room. 
chat_room_delete       Delete chat room. 
chat_room_edit       Edit information on chat room. 
chat_room_message_delete       Delete all message in the room. 
chat_room_moderate_p       Return the moderate status of this chat room. 
chat_room_name       Get chat room name. 
chat_room_new       Create new chat room. 
chat_start_server       Start Java chat server. 
chat_transcript_delete       Delete chat transcript. 
chat_transcript_edit       Edit chat transcript. 
chat_transcript_new       Create chat transcript. 
chat_urlify_msg       Convert all into hyperlinks, adding an <A>..</a>. 
chat_user_ban       Explicit ban user from this chat room. 
chat_user_grant       Grant party a chat privilege to this chat room. 
chat_user_name       Return display name of this user to use in chat. 
chat_user_revoke       Revoke party a chat privilege to this chat room. 
chat_user_unban       unban user from this chat room. 
room_active_status       Get room active status. 

SQL Files


Content Pages

      chat.tcl Decide which template to use HTML or Java.
      del-messages.tcl Delete a number of messages
      index.tcl Display a list of available chat rooms that the user has permission to edit.
      message-delete-2.tcl Delete messages in the room.
      message-delete.tcl Display delete message confirmation.
      moderator-grant-2.tcl Add moderator to a room.
      moderator-grant.tcl Add moderator to a room.
      moderator-revoke-2.tcl Revoke moderator privilege.
      moderator-revoke.tcl Display confirmation before remove moderator privilege from a room.
      room-delete-2.tcl Delete the chat room.
      room-delete.tcl Display delete confirmation.
      room-edit-2.tcl Update room information.
      room-edit.tcl Display a form to edit room information.
      room-enter.tcl Perform initialize before chat "Need to change this comment"
      room-exit.tcl Post log off message.
      room-new-2.tcl Add a new room to the database.
      room-new.tcl Display a form to create a new room.
      room.tcl Display information about chat room.
      transcript-delete-2.tcl Delete chat transcript.
      transcript-delete.tcl Display confirmation before delete chat transcript.
      transcript-edit-2.tcl Update chat transcript.
      transcript-edit.tcl Retrieve transcript content.
      transcript-new-2.tcl Save transcript.
      transcript-new.tcl Display available all available chat messages.
      transcript-view.tcl Preview chat transcript.
      unauthorized.tcl Display unauthorized message.
      user-ban-2.tcl Ban user.
      user-ban.tcl Explicit ban user from the chat room.
      user-grant-2.tcl Grant chat user privilege.
      user-grant.tcl Allow user to the chat room.
      user-revoke-2.tcl Revoke chat user privilege.
      user-revoke.tcl Display confirmation before remove chat user.
      user-unban-2.tcl Unban chat user
      user-unban.tcl Display confirmation before unban user.


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