OpenACS Package

A "package" represents a unit of OpenACS/]po[ code that can be separately installed or uninstalled by the OpenACS package manager. For a listing of all available ]project-open[ packages see Packages 


Each package consists of:

  • TCL library Files
  • AOLServer Dyanmic Pages (ADP) Files
  • PostgresSQL Files
  • XQL Files


The TCL files are responsible for the creation of ADP pages, which the end user sees as they are clicking through ]project-open[.  The PostgresSQL files contain the database tables for information storage and retrieval.  The XQL Files are built as a layer of abstraction on top of the SQL in order to (?).


Package Information

For information about what various packages are currently installed on your ]project-open[ system see [Package Manager]. A complete reference of all contents of a package is available as part of the API Browser


Package Fields

  • Package ID:
    Object ID of the package
  • Package Key:
    The system name of the package. Example: "intranet-core".
  • Instance Name:
    Human readable name of the package
  • Default Locale:
    Not used by ]po[ (and not used by OpenACS neither, apparently)


Package Data-Model


Structure of the apm_packages database table:

     Column     |          Type          | Modifiers
 package_id     | integer                | not null
 package_key    | character varying(100) |
 instance_name  | character varying(300) | not null
 default_locale | character varying(30)  |

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