Icinga2 Integration

Icinga   is an open-source system monitoring used in ITSM operations similar to Nagios . The Icinga2 configuration file format is not compatible with Nagios anymore, leading to the development of this specific integration.


For an overview please see the Icinga2/Nagios integration overview slides .

The ]po[ - Icinga2 integration supports the scenario that an organization is using Icinga2 to monitor and diagnose operations of IT infrastructure, while ]project-open[ manages indicent management, problem management, change management and configuration management processes.

  • Incidents from Icinga2 are passed on via Email to ]po[, automatically opening and closing tickets
  • ]po[ can read the Icinga2 configuration in order to setup configuration items for Icinga2 servers and its services.


For details please see the intranet-icinga2 package.

Status and Download

The Icinga2 integration package is "stable" and in production use at several ]po[ customers.

The package is part of the normal ]project-open[ distribution and does not need to be downloaded separately.

The code is also available via public CVS: "cd ~/packages/; cvs checkout intranet-icinga2". Please see cvs checkout instructions for details.


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