Menus Configuration

Menu configuration allows you to hide menu tabs or side menu items from all or some users. 

Top Menu

                                                                                                        Fig.: Top Menu

 Side Menu

                           Fig.: Example of a Side Menu 

Menu Permissions

The Admin -> Menu screen you shows a hierarchical list of all menu tabs in the system. At the top right side of the screen you can observe the following table header:

En Sort Package Accounting Customer Employees Freelance Managers Freelancers Helpdesk HR Managers P/O Admins Project Managers Sales Senior Managers Delete Menu

  • En: Enabled? "t" means enabled, while "f" means disabled.
  • Sort: Sort order. Determines the order in which menu tabs appear.
  • Package: To which package does the menu belong?
  • Accounting: Represent the "Accounting" group.
  • Customer: Represent the "Customers" group.
  • Employees: Represent the "Employees" group.
  • Freelance Managers: Represent the "Freelance Managers" group.
  • Freelancers: Represent the "Freelancers" group.
  • Helpdesk: Represent the "Helpdesk" group. This group doesn't have a specific icon assigned yet, so it is shown as text.
  • HR Managers: Represent the "Freelancers" group.
  • P/O Admins: Represent the "Freelancers" group.
  • Project Managers: Represent the "Freelancers" group.
  • Sales: Represent the "Sales" group.
  • Senior Managers: Represent the "Sales" group.
  • Delete Menu: Allows you to select menu tabs for deletion

Within the table body the "r" and "R" determine whether a user group can modify the menu :

  • r: (Small normal "r"): No right to read the menu tab
  • R: (Large bold "R"): Right to read the menu tab.

By clicking on the "r" or "R" you can toggle the read permissions for each user group.  


Hierarchical Menu List

The menus in ]po[ are organized in a hierarchical manner:

Top Menu (top)		 	 			The top of the menu hierarchy. This menu does not appear anywhere
 	Main Menu (main)	 			The top element of the main menu bar. Does not appear anywhere
 	 	Milestones (milestones)			List of Milestones per user
 	 	Indicators (indicators)			List of Performance Indicators

 	 	... (all these menus will appear in the main menu bar

 		Companies (companies)			List of Companies
 	 		 	Inactive Customers	Sub-menu of "Customers".
 	 		 	Potential Customers	Sub-menu of "Customers".

 	 	... (all these menus will appear in the main menu bar
		Reporting (reporting)			List of reports
			Timesheet (reporting-timesheet)	Sub-menu of "Reporting"	
				Timesheet Customers and Projects	An actual report

Menu Properties

 Menu properties can be edited by clicking on the menu name. To quickly check the permissions of a single menu item, please click on the magnifier icon to filter the entire list.

Menu Entry 

Detailed Permissions

Clicking on "Detailed Permissions"shows the following screen which may be easier readable then the long list of permission in the main page.

According to the configuration below, only "Emplyoees" will be able to see the tab. This is probably OK, because all employees of your company are member of the "Empolyees" (according to [group configuration]).
As a reasonable variant, you might allow Freelancers to log hours as well. However, it probably doesn't make sense to allow Customers to log hours and might confuse them.

Detailed Permissions

Disable Menus

Setting the "Enabled?" field to "False" will disable the menu for all user, including the System Administrator.

The configuration wizard uses this option to disable entire groups of menus.

Other Menu Fields

For the meaning of the menu fields please see the im_menu object type.



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