Upgrade V3.2 to V3.5 (Linux)

Updating your system requires a connection to our CVS server. If you are behind a firewall, make sure that TCP port 2401 is open and follow the steps as described underneath:
a) Run a database backup  
b) Make a backup of the /web/projop/packages folder:  

Use putty to open a SSH console to your server/virtual machine (default user: root, default password: root)
In order to monitor cvs output make sure that in the putty configuration attribute "Window - Lines of scroll back" has a value of at least 10000.

cp -r /web/projop/packages /web/projop/packages.backup
c) Continue working with the console - become user 'projop':   
su - projop
d) Change to directory /web/projop/packages/
cd /web/projop/packages/
e) Use cvs to update your packages folder to the stable version 3.5:  
cvs login (no password - just 'enter')
cvs update -r b3-5-0-patches 

Monitor the output and watch for CVS conflicts, indicated with a 'C' at the beginning of a line. Conflicts usually happen when local code had been changed.
Conflicts not resolved will lead to a malfunctioning system so please watch the output carefully.

f) Use the packet manager in the ADMIN section to update your modules and follow instructions given on the update pages:  
g) Restart your system

h) Wait a moment until the server is up and running again and go to your 'home'


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