OpenACS Person

Person is a sub-type of party and represent a natural person in ]po[.


Person Fields


  • Person ID:
    Object ID of the person object, referencing acs_objects.object_id.
  • First Names:
    The (space separated list of) first names of the person
  • Last Name:
    The last name of the person.


"person" is used by the DynField package as the base object for adding new fields to a user, so the list of fields in your ]po[ installation may be considerably longer.


Structure of the "persons" database table:

       Column       |          Type           | Modifiers
 person_id          | integer                 | not null
 first_names        | character varying(100)  | not null
 last_name          | character varying(100)  | not null




Related Object Types:

  • Party is a super-type of person.
  • Users are a sub-type of person, with the right to logon to ]po[.
  • Employees are a sub-type of person, specifying fields relevant for an in-house employee.

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