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]project-open[ has a strong focus on collaboration and knowledge management within service based organizations.  The KM philosophy behind ]project-open[ is that there is no single "Knowledge Management" application or module, but that knowledge sharing should be built into all modules of a Project-ERP system. Therefore KM in ]project-open[ is represented by a number of modules and certain "features" that facilitate users access and control of company wide knowledge.

Collaboration & Knowledge Management Functionality

  • XoWiki:
    A full-blown Wiki with Media Wiki syntax and integration with the rest of ]project-open[

  • Filestorage:
    A project-centered file storage that allows to store files on an external files server (for example Windows)

  • Discussion Forum:
    A project-centered discussions based on the theory of speech acts

  • Full-Text Search Engine:
    Indexes all important ]po[ objects including the filestorage

  • Calendar:
    A global calendar includes milestones and task due days, while local calendars are available per user

  • Simple Survey:
    A universal user-definable surveys that are used for many different purposes including [Customer Satisfaction Management], [Provider Performance Management], [Employee 360 Feedback] and many more

  • Idea Management  and the Idea Management Package:
    Collaborative capturing, evaluation, approval and implementation of ideas

  • Mail Integration:
    Associate incoming email with users, projects, tickets and other objects

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