]po[ Cost Center

The Cost Center represents an abstracted interpretation of financial control and hierarchy that gives financial actions within ]project-open[ projects greater coupling across department boundaries. The Cost Center essentially models relational oversight between departments. 

Cost Center Attributes

CC Attributes 

  • Name

        Descriptive Name of the Cost Center

  • Label

        What kind of Cost Center this is, usually associated with its function.

  • Code

        Short Name of the Cost Center, for organizational purposes.  In the above example, CoMaCp represents the hierarchy between internal company branches Company/Marketing/Commercial Publications.

  • Type

        Similar to label, except options are pre-configured and a type must be selected

  • Department

        Whether or not this Cost Center is its own stand alone operational department.

  • Parent Cost Center

        The Cost Center to which this Cost Center is subordinate to.

  • Manager

        User in charge of Cost Center

  • Description

        Informative and brief explication of Cost Center



Structure of the im_cost_centers database table:

        Column         |          Type           | Modifiers
 cost_center_id        | integer                 | not null
 cost_center_name      | character varying(100)  | not null
 cost_center_label     | character varying(100)  | not null
 cost_center_code      | character varying(400)  | not null
 cost_center_type_id   | integer                 | not null
 cost_center_status_id | integer                 | not null
 department_p          | character(1)            |
 parent_id             | integer                 |
 manager_id            | integer                 |
 description           | character varying(4000) |
 note                  | character varying(4000) |



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