Workflow Vacation Replacement

This article describes how to configure the ]project-open[ workflow in order to support vacation replacement logic.

The vacation replacement logic addresses the issue that workflow can get stuck if a workflow task is assigned to a user how is absent from work. In order to solve the issue, ]po[ allows to define a vacation replacement, who can take over workflow approval for the person out of the office.

Defining Vacation Replacements

The ]po[ workflow supports two ways to define the actual person taking over during vacation:

  • Absence Based Vacation Replacement:
    ]po[ will check if a field "vacation_replacement_id" exists as a dynfield of the absence object type. ]po[ assumes that the vacation_replacment_id denotes a user who will gain the additional access permissions. This vacation replacement logic is only valid during the actual absence, so there is no need to revoke the permissions.
    The access right is gained independent on the approval status of the absence.
    This is the preferred way to implement vacation replacements.

  • Static Vacation Replacement:
    ]po[ will check if a field "vacation_replacement_id" exists as a dynfield of the employee object type.
    This vacation logic works similar to the above Absence based method, except that the vacation replacement is valid until it is manually removed.
    Please note that the "vacation_replacement_id" per employee is not yet automatically supported by ]po[ GUI and requires customization.

Impact of Vacation Replacements

The vacation replacement logic affects the following pages:

  • Workflow Inbox (/intranet-workflow/index, and as a portlet in the /intranet/index home page):
    Users acting as vacation replacement will "see" the workflow tasks assigned to the replaced user.
  • Workflow Approval (/intranet-workflow/task):
    Provides access rights for the replacing user to start and finish workflow tasks.



Please contact us if you plan to use the vacation replacement logic, as this is relatively new functionality.



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