Intranet Project Type

This category serves two purposes:

  • Control whether certain portlet components will appear or not appear in the project view page and
  • To extract reports on revenues per type of activity.


Please note that a category only inherits the characteristics of of its direct parent.
Let's say you aim to build the following hierarchy of project types that should support 'tasks':

  • Gantt Project
    • Software Project 
    • Consulting Project
      • Business Analysis 

In order to show 'tasks' for projects of type 'Business Analysis', the category requires two parents: 

  1. Consulting Project and
  2. Gantt Project 

Special Project Types

The following project types trigger special behavior of ]project-open[. For this reason, please do not modify the names of these categories in the category list page.

  • Consulting Project or Gantt Project:
    Refers to "normal" projects planned using Gantt bars that include timesheet tasks with information on estimated and billable time per task. Allows the creation of tasks. All project types requiring "tasks" should have this category as a parent.

  • Software Release:
    A special project type for ITSM release management in IT organizations.

  • Milestone:
    Projects of type Milestone will appear in the milestone list page of the milestone package. 

  • Task or Timesheet Task:
    A "Timesheet Task" represent Gantt bars. Timesheet tasks should not appear as a main project.
  • Ticket:
    A ticket is a sub-type of project that represents a small amount of work to be done. Tickets are managed in the ]po[ helpdesk package.

  • Translation Project
    Enable special functionality for translation agencies such as a translation workflow etc. 


Constant Range


 category_id |        category
          85 | Unknown
          86 | Other
          87 | Trans + Edit
          88 | Edit Only
          89 | Trans + Edit + Proof
          90 | Linguistic Validation
          91 | Localization
          92 | Technology
          93 | Trans Only
          94 | Trans + Int. Spotcheck
          95 | Proof Only
          96 | Glossary Compilation
          97 | Strategic Consulting
          98 | Software Maintenance
          99 | Software Development
         100 | Task
         101 | Ticket
        2500 | Translation Project
        2501 | Consulting Project
        2502 | Service Level Agreement
        2503 | Trans Only (Dynamic WF)
        2504 | Milestone
        4300 | Bug Tracker Container
        4305 | Bug Tracker Task
        4597 | Software Release Item
        4599 | Software Release


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