Skill Profiles

With the most recent development we did for MS Project Integration, we have introduced a new feature to better support User/Skill relationships. This includes the management of costs (and rates) that are not directly related to a Employee but to a somewhat abstract profile an Employee might fit in. Versatile Employees can be a member of more than one "Skill Profiles".

Create Widget "Skill Profiles"

As a first step you want to create a new ]po[ Widget that shows all Skill Profiles: 



Create Person Dynfield "Skill Profile"


Create Skill Profiles

For each Skill-Profile a "Pseudo User" is created that is a member of group "Skill Profiles"


 These Pseudo-Users are hidden to most screens and drop-down boxes. They are only shown on pages that provide related features. Rates and costs for a "Skill Profile" can be then defined on the (pseudo-)user level. 


We will add additional information as soon as we release the AJAX-based Department Planner. Meanwhile please write to to obtain additional information]

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