SM Service Management

"Service management" in ]po[ refers to the management of pieces of work that are too small to become a project by themselves. A service request arises for example when IT systems show other than expected behaviour (incident) or changes in the environment require actions to be taken from IT or administrative staff in order to adapt organizational structure or IT systems to new requirements (request for change - RFC). Goal of ]po[ Service Management is to track all incidences and RFCs in a central place (central service desk) to handle their life cycle by providing process support.

Currently workflow support is offered for the following  types of incidents:

  • Bug Request - Faulty or unexpected system behaviour
  • SLA Request - Any type of inquiries customer with a service level agreement in place do have  
  • Feature Request - Request to implement a new features for a system.
  • Permission Request - Request to grant or remove permissions for a user and a particular system
  • Project Request - Request a new project.
  • Purchasing Request - Request to buy a new IT hardware or software item.
  • Report Request - Request a new report.
  • Telephony Request - Request new telephone equipment or a modified telephone number.
  • Training Request - Request training time or training material.
  • Workplace move Request  

Process Activities


  • User creates ticket
  • System auto-assigns request to queue
  • Dispatcher classifies ticket and assigns ticket to queue
  • Person in charge diagnoses, investigate and resolves request
  • Person in charge consults and updates knowledge base
  • Person in charge escalates request
  • Person in charge closes ticket and informs initiator
  • Service desk manager runs reports to determine process
  • Initiator provides feedback about service quality 


Process Input


  • Helpdesk staff enters tickets
  • Customer may enter tickets via customer self-service
  • po ITSM Configuration Management provides information about related objects (software, hardware, machines, etc.)


Process Output


  • Processed tickets
  • Financial information about tickets and SLAs (Service Level Agreements).
  • Financial information about the service delivery process
  • Updated knowledge base


Process Support by ]po[

The following ]po[ packages provide support for this process:  



Process Performance Indicators


  • Number of tickets per month and employee
  • Average time for each ticket to pass to each stage: Response time, resolution time, ...
  • First contact resolution percentage

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