]po[ One Time Passwords (OTP)

The purpose of a one-time password (OTP) is to make it more difficult to gain unauthorized access to restricted resources, like a computer account. Traditionally static passwords can more easily be accessed by an unauthorized intruder given enough attempts and time. By constantly altering the password, as is done with a one-time password, this risk can be greatly reduced.

OTP Guide  


The OTP package is used in ]project-open[ as an extension of the normal password-based authentication mechanism.  OTPs in combination with SSL encryption (optional) for (reasonably) secure access to critical corporate resources even in untrusted environments and/or over untrusted channels (Airports, Cybercafes, Wifi Hotspots).  OTP's are an extra layer of system defense and stregthen the overall system integrity of ]project-open[, especially when company employees are frequently away from the main office for travel or on site client consulting.  The OTP package is currently closed source and only obtainable through purchase at the Project-Open Store .  


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