Internal Release Process

This is the ]project-open[ internal documentation about how to create and release a new ]po[ version.

A new release includes several different areas:


This is work in progress

]po[ Product Code

  • On server: project-open-v50-dev
  • Stabilized code
  • No new packages
  • Separate upgrade scripts into the respective upgrade package
  • Review license statements in code and .info files


]po[ Product Database Dump

  • On server: project-open-v50-master
  • Check latest indicators are visible for Employees in the various dashboards
  • Localization: Go though all PO-Test-Plan pages, check for untranslated strings and "translate" into US-English
  • External tester went manually through PO-Test-Plan.YYYY-MM-DD.ods
  • Execute Admin -> SysConfig -> Disable everything except SysConfig Wizard
  • Create a new ~/pg_dump.X-Y-Z-V-W.sql by renaming a normal database dump


Update Installer

  • On server: project-open-v50-master
  • Review the list of packages to be released
  • Execute perl all-nightly-build.perl in ~/packages/


Linux Installer and Linux VM

  • On server: Any VMware Workstation
  • Create a fresh CentOS virtual machine with high compatibility (ESXi 5.5)
    • 64GB virtual disk
    • 4GB RAM
    • 1 Processor with 2 cores
  • Follow the CentOS 8 installation instructions and update in case of issues.
  • Copy README.x.y.z and LICENSE.x.y.z from the Update Installer beside the VM directory
  • Create a zip with README, LICENSE and the VM folder: ToDo


Windows Installer

  • On: ws2012-master
  • Update code from "update installer":
    • Download the update installer created above from
    • Unpack the update using 7zip
    • Move the packages folder into C:\project-open\servers\projop\packages and remove the old packages.
    • Load the pg_dump.x.y.z.v.w.sql into the PostgreSQL database by executing:
      /pgsql/bin/psql.exe -f pg_dump.update-X-Y-Z-V-W.sql projop projop > import.log
  • Run Admin -> Convert from Linux to Windows
  • NSIS
    • The ]po[ Windows installer only works with NSIS 3.0.1. NSIS 3.0.5 gives an error about an unterminated string.
      A copy of the NSIS 3.0.1 installer is now included as part of the ]po[ Windows installer.
    • Install NSIS 3.0.1. Then install the NSIS plugins in the \project-open\installer\NSIS folder.
      • Unzip each plugin. Ignore or delete files for PocketPC or similar.
      • Search for a ".dll" and a ".nsh" NSIS header file.
        Copy the DLL into C:\Program Files (x86)\NSIS\Plugins\x86-ansi\, and the NSH into C:\Program Files (x86)\NSIS\Include\.
  • In the Windows Explorer right-click on the \project-open\installer\project_open_installer.nsi file.
    You should see a menu item "Compile NSIS Script".
  • Before compiling, please increase the installer version number:
    • VERSION_MAJ - Corresponding to the major version of the code. This will appear in the installer
    • VERSION_MIN - Corresponding to the minor version of the code.
    • RELEASE - Increase this number for every major version build of the Windows installer.
    • OUTPATH - Set to c:\download or a network drive
  • Compile the script and check for errors



Release to Source Forge

  • Update CHANGELOG document
  • Update README document
  • Create a new SourceForge folder for the new version: /home/frs/project/project-open/project-open/Vx.y/
  • Copy the VM to SourceForge: scp -i ~/.ssh/ fraber,
  • Copy the Windows installer in the same way
  • Download the VM and the Windows installer and perform test installation on other VMware server/workstation
  • Review ~/packages/intranet-core/readme/README.ProjectOpen.SF.txt  and upload to SourceForge
  • Create Release notes document for "segment" wizard
  • Create Released Version document for documentation and support contract purposes

Press Kit

  • Prepare Success Stories
  • Write "What's New" document




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