Upgrade V4.0 from CVS HEAD


Below instructions are given for a Linux System. Find additional information on how to use them on WINDOWS here

Updating the entire Application

Perform update as user 'projop'. If you are logged in as user 'root', become user 'projop'

su - projop

1) Make a backup of the database: 

pg_dump --no-owner --clean --disable-dollar-quoting --format=p --file=/web/projop/filestorage/backup/pg_dump.projop.before_update.sql 

2) Make a backup of the packages folder: 

cd /web/projop/
tar -zcvf ./packages.before_backup.tar.gz ./packages

3) Make sure  that the ENVIRONMENT variable $CVSROOT is set correctly:


should return:


4) Change into the server package directory:  

cd ~/packages/

and execute cvs update as follows:

cvs update -dPA > cvs_update.txt 2>&1

5) Check for CVS conflicts that might prevent you from updating the packages.
Open file you have redirected the output to (in above example: 'cvs_update.txt') and check for the letter 'C' in the first column.  
Conflict should only occur if you have edited files for customization purposes.

6) Install and Update Packages using the OpenACS Packet Manger

Once the files have been updated in the file system, you need to use the OpenACS Packet manger to run all update scripts.
The Packet Manager is located at http://[YOUR_SERVER]/acs-admin/apm/packages-install 

On the next page please select the Packages you want to update. Install new packages only if you know what you do.
Otherwise stick with updating the existing ones: 

Install packages

... and follow the instructions as given by the Package Manager. 

Since you are updating from CVS HEAD, be prepared that some of the scripts might throw errors.
Usually they can be ignored, however it can't hurt having a look at the failed update script to see what exactly went wrong.

Report any issues  straight to the ]po[ Core Team.    

7) Restart your server in case you haven't done so already:

killall -9 nsd

... and enjoy using the most recent version of ]po[.   

Partial Updates 

Updating single Packages

Albeit not recommend, updating single packages from CVS HEAD can be required in some cases. As user 'projop' please 'cd' to the package to be updated and perform the update. 

cd ~/packages/intranet-reporting
cvs update -dPA

Updating single files


If you happen to know the name of a single file, perform the update as shown below:

cd ~/packages/intranet-reporting/www
cvs update -dPA FILENAME

Get a new Package from the Code Repository

In order to get a new package from the code repository change to the 'packages' directory and cvs checkout the package. Please note that you would need to know the package name.   

cd ~/packages/
cvs checkout intranet-resource-management
Following the partial updates please use the OpenACS Package Manager to execute the update scripts:

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