Admin SysConfig Wizard

System Configuration (SysConfig)  is meant to be used as a wizard for a fresh ]project-open[ install, to guide configuration for the first steps of ]project-open[.


  • Basic Configuration Wizard - everything one would imagine from the title.
  • Disable everything except SysConfig Wizard - force users to complete the wizard before using ]project-open[.
  • Delete Security Tokens - clicking on this will delete all security tokens


Security tokens are the authorization data that users carry around with them like badges during their session.  This can be a security concern, since all ]project-open[ downloads begin with the same security token seed number, theoretically should you never have changed the security tokens your system will be vulnerable since anyone could login with the same security token that is distributed all ]project-open[ downloads.  Once you perform this action once however, the system is planted with a new seed, and safe as ever.  This action is performed automatically on completion of the SysConfig Wizard.


  • Move Projects & Forum Topics - used for demo servers to keep data fresh and current



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