About ]po[ Installers

]project-open[ is free software and runs on most popular platforms. You can install ]po[ on your Laptop or PC, on a server in your local network, with a Web Hosting Provider of your choice or in the AMAZON Cloud. Our FAQ Installation page might help you to find the right option. If you want to use ]po[ without committing yourself to the technical details of installation and maintenance, please consider our SaaS (Software as a Service) option.


Supports the 64 bit versions of
Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016
and Windows 7, 8 and 10.

This virtual appliance runs
CentOS 7 Linux.

Native installers for RHEL/CentOS,
Debian and Ubuntu.


All installers include the Community Edition  of ]project-open[. 


Get your server up and running in less than 4 hours with our SaaS offerings.


The following options allow you to run ]project-open[ in your organization without the hassle to setup and maintain a local installation. 

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Running ]project-open[ in the cloud is the most hassle free way to get started. 

SaaS allows you to use ]project-open[ without committing yourself to the technical details of installation and maintenance.  By paying a monthly subscription fee, you gain access to your own private server with full ]project-open[ admin privileges, but managed by the ]project-open[ team. This is ideal for companies with busy IT staff or companies who do not want to make the full investment of an on-site ]project-open[ installation.

For details please see: http://www.project-open.com/en/services/project_open_hosting_saas.html .

Demo Servers

Are you just curious about ]project-open[ or would you just like to quickly evaluate our software?

We have prepared a number of demo servers for you:



AWI - Amazon Elastic Cloud 

Our partners Promit and Solid  Rock IT have created an Amazon Machine Image for ]project-open[ V4.0. Please follow the instructions of the Amazon AWI Installer for setting up ]po[ in the cloud.

Services Offered

Please contact us  if you are going to use ]project-open[ in production. Most customers will need at least a few hours of configuration and training services  before a go-live, in order to take full advantage of the application's options. Also, we can provide organizations with help on project definition, scoping and change management.


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