V5.1 Press Kit (English)

This "Press Kit" is for magazine editors covering the ]project-open[ V5.1 product launch.
Please feel free to contact us or write to press@project-open.com.

V5.1 Press Material

  • [V5.1 Press Release] - Short official press release 
  • [V5.1 Highlights and Features] - V5.1 Highlights and Features
  • V5.1 Analyst Briefing  - V5.1 Highlights and Company Overview
  • [V5.1 What is New?] - Detailed list of features and improvements in V5.1
  • Success stories - These four companies recently adopted ]po[:
    • Ouranos Success Story  - "Fund aggregation in public administration"
      Ouranos.ca  tracks climate research projects with multiple sources of funds using ]po[.
    • cosine Success Story  - "Into space with ]project-open["
      Building satellite and ground based measurement systems using ]po[
    • NeST-IT Success Story  - "Scaling ]po[ to 4.500 active users"
      Running operational PM and finance of a large Indian IT company on ]po[
    • Askari Bank Success Story  - "Financial services IT project and change management"
      A large Pakistani bank uses ]po[ to manage IT operations
  • What the Press Wrote About Us  - Press coverage and articles about ]po[ from the last years


More details and background:

  • Download  - Linux VM or Windows Installer
  • Functional Packages - List of functional packages with detailed documentation
  • System Architecture - Technical details about the software architecture
  • [People in the community] - People from the open source community behind the product 
  • V5.1 Public Demo Server  - Instantly play with ]po[
  • Download  - Install ]po[ on Windows or Linux in 15 minutes 
  • [V5.1 Deployment & Operations Guide] - Server sizing and ]po[ operations


  • ToDo

Press Contact

Please contact press@project-open.com or call +34 609 953 751 (Spain) or +1 415 200 2465 (USA) for any press related questions. A ]po[ core team member (Frank Bergmann, Klaus Hofeditz or Malte Sussdorff) will usually respond within hours to your request and can provide you with a product "guided tour" and answer your questions.


The ]po[ founder (Frank Bergmann) is happy to provide you with email/telephone/Skype interviews at short notice. Please send a draft interview title and/or a list of questions to [press@project-open.com]

Regional Contact

Please see our partner page for regional contacts. There are ]po[ partners installing and supporting the application in >12 countries. 


Please see our Demo Server  for screenshots. The server is re-initialized every few days, so the contents are directly suitable for screenshots. Please contact us if you are interested in particular screenshots. 

Copyright on Text and Graphics

If not specified differently, the CC Attribution License  applies to all documentation, diagrams and graphics about ]po[. Please include our company name "]project-open[" (lower case and with brackets, please!) and a hyperlink to www.project-open.com in your article.


]po[ encourages the use of its trademarks in marketing, and other publicity-related materials. ]project-open[ is a registered trademark. Registered Partners are allowed to use the logos on their websites. To inquire about other use which has not been approved by us preliminary, please contact us .


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