Portlet: Milestone Slip Chart

This portlet implements a chart called "Milestone Slip Chart", "Milestone Slip Tracker" or "Milestone Trend Analysis". It shows how the planned finish date of project milestones or phases changes over time:

  • The Y axis shows the planned end-date for each milestone / project phase
  • The X axis shows the date when the data have entered or changed.

 This portlet is currently (2020-04-01) free, open source and part of the Community Edition of ]po[.



In this example there are 5 project phases (Generate concepts, Profile motor power, MQ Represented, Define Specs and Sign-Off) that get moderately delayed during the course of the project execution. On Oct 22th, the plan was to finish "Generate concepts" on Nov 5th. On 22th of Dec, this plan was revised, and the new end-date was set to Feb 4th, resulting in a jump upwards of the blue line.

Milestone Slip Chart 


Project Baselines

Project baselines are shown as vertical lines, as they represent a certain date in which the current planning has passed some kind of approval process.

Business Questions Answered

The milestone tracker can answer the following business questions:

  • Did the project schedule change? How much?
    A delay can be seen as a horizontal line that "jumps" up at a certain date.
  • Did the project get delayed again? Why?
    Multiple delays can be seen by multiple "jumps".
  • Is the project likely to be delayed again?
    Multiple "jumps" in the past can be an indicator for difficulty with planning and hint for more "jumps" to be coming.



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