Stores details related to employee absences from work, or their absence of physical presence from the working office.


Absence Fields

NOTE: It is strongly advised that businesses using ]project-open[ internally agree on protocols and standards for the inputting of basic data.  The data of any field is used not only in this screen, but is accessible to other operations throughout ]project-open[.  Even though the fields are the most basic, subtle differences in user inputs could cause unexpected problems.  Standardization improves our ability to handle these differences and allows for the most effective usage of ]project-open[.  Ex. billing forms can be automatically generated with client information, reporting documents containing links to contacts within the client company, clicking on phone numbers allows automatic phone dialing with VOIP services. 

  • Name

        Short description of absence

  • Type

        Under what category this absence falls under, i.e. personal, vacation, sick, travel

  • Status

        If the absence is currently pending approval, has already been approved, or been denied.

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Duration Days
  • Description

        If further detail is necessary for explanation, provide it here.

  • Contact Info

        Personal contact information, or that of medical personnel possibly.


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