]project-open[ is a global project with users and partners in more than 25 countries. Working with our partners, we are meeting a broad range of project management priorities. Find below a short selection of]po['s featured customers and their successes.

Logo Economedic

Polito Inc

"Polito Inc has been using ]po[ for over six years now and it's been a great resource for us in tracking our time spent on projects for multiple customers. We have saved thousands of dollars on overhead costs, savings which we pass onto our customers. As a small business cyber security company, we also did our own testing of Project Open and could find no significant vulnerabilities. This project has actually been a secure and economic solution for us."

Fred Mastrippolito, Founder at Polito Inc

Logo Economedic

Economedic AG

"Resource management is crucial for us as a specialized consulting company. ]po[ provides us with the information we need."

Jan Hacker, Board member of EconoMedic AG

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logo Cambridge

Technology Partners

"]po[ acts like a dashboard for us. Users get a consistent and comprehensive view of everything - projects, expenses, timesheets and absences."

Laurent Gaille, Global Delivery Manager at CTP

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logo VAW arvato

VAW Arvato
Bertelsmann Group

"We were looking for a central place to store project information. With ]project-open[we found an Internet collaboration platform with full project controlling capabilities."

Andrea Heup, Project Manager, VAW arvato

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Logo Lexcelera


"]project-open[has all the functions we need, and being open source, we can tailor it to fit our proprietary processes. Not having to build our own program from scratch has saved us two years' work."

Lori Thicke, Managing Director at Lexcelera

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logo ventum


We can highly recommend using ]po[ to run your consulting company. It is easy to configure and maintain and covers all business processes for time sheet management and invoicing.
We are convinced that it has the capability to also support as our business grows.

Steffen Sperling, Partner and Founder of Ventum, Austria

logo Leinhaeuser

Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH

"During the assessment phase we were given comprehensive advice, and it quickly became clear that, with just few adjustments, we would achieve our objective of a stable, fast and high-performance Internet application that precisely corresponded with our requirements."

Udo Leinhäuser, Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH

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logo Milengo


"While the program did not exactly meet milengo's unique requirements, the open-source structure allowed our engineering staff to tailor the package to milengo's unified production workflow within just one month and 80 hours of development time.."

Roman Kotzsch and Adam Blau, milengo

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logo Qabiria


"We have successfully installed ]project-open[ virtual machine on a Linux openSuSE operating system, and it is running almost uninterruptedly since then without problems .... In our experience ]project-open[ fulfilled our needs completely since the first day. Based on OpenACS and PostgreSQL, it integrates a powerful search engine which avoids you to scroll lists that in time can become very long, finding instantly anything, as practically every data base field is indexed."

Marco Cevoli, Sergio Alasia, Carles Fernández, Founders of Qabiria

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logo Agnity


As IT Head, PO has helped me a lot ­in leveraging IT to cut costs and boost business. I am currently implementing PO in our Company, Agnity Technologies, and everyone is really excited about the features, modules and the integration between information across ]po[. The collaboration tools available have drastically reduced the emails across functions. I am sure ]po[ is going to be the flag bearer of all Open source community projects, in terms of its complexity, quality and usability.

Vishal Singh, AGNITY Inc., Fremont, USA

Logo Alafranga


“Competition is a dramatic fact in the localization industry. When it comes to competing for a job, we have discovered that running ]po[ helped us to get more work. Customers like the transparency that we can now offer and are impressed by our communication options. Customers perceive us differently now, and we win considerably more projects then before. And all this using free open-source software!”

Volkan Guvenc, Chief Project Manager, ATT

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logo Qabiria


Kodamera designs, builds and supports websites for different puposes and for communication via Internet. We work with projects in different sizes, from simple company websites to more advanced web based applications. We help our customers with system requirement, integration, design, programming and support.

"We work mostly with open source based systems (php/ mysql) for our customers website projects and]po[ gives us most of what we need for our internal project administration operations for these projects We use]po[ for sales plannning (CRM), project planning , time logging (internal/ external) and invoicing. The best about]po[ is to have all these steps in the same system and that the system could be configured to suite our needs."

Andreas Rejvik, KODAMERA AB - Webbutveckling, Göteborg

logo charone concepts

Idea Factory Languages

"The tool is very comprehensive and it fits perfectly our needs without requiring a big effort in customization."

Matías Dell'Anno, Idea Factory Languages

logo Ivannovation


"Your product is absolutely awesome! Too bad I didn't have the time to learn about it sooner, but I'm getting there."

Yuri Ivanov, Managing Director of Ivannovation

logo Alberto Zuin

Alberto Zuin

LEA Project is manufacturer of VoIP platform developed for high availability and high security voice WAN application. Our system is already installed in critical environments like Banks, Healtcare Italian Department, Enterprise companies.

"We use]project-open[internally to organize work from plannig to developing a project in a linear way. The system is installed on a Gentoo Linux server from scratch, not using vmware image."

Alberto Zuin, Responsabile Tecnico, LEA Project Srl

logo charone concepts

SLS international

"With]project-open[I have all of my projects under control. I'm saving a lot of time every day that I used to spend with administration work."

Isabel Jiménez, CEO SLS international

More testimonials

]project-open[ offers us a central place to store project information and allow us to centrally manage the variety of projects and customers that we have. The open-source structure of ]project-open[ makes it easy to adapt the software to our specifics needs without any difficulties.

Alejandro Pérez, PMP

I have been looking for something like this for a long time for myself and clients.

Ivan A. Scott-Jackson, MCSE, CCNP

]project-open[ is suitable for all kinds of service companies or corresponding organizational units in larger enterprises.


I have looked at over a dozen different groupware and project management packages, and have tested in detail four.]project-open[ is by far the best.

Mike Guyvan

Companies and Organizations using the underlying OpenACS framework include:

  • Greenpeace International
  • Pharmaceuticals International Network
  • Young Americas Business Trust
  • Galileo University, Guatemala
  • Harvard, JFK School of Government, USA
  • Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
  • Quest Computing, Ireland
  • Arts Council England, UK
  • Los Angeles Unified School District, USA
  • Ministério do Desenvolvimento Indústria e Comércio Exterior, Brazil
  • Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria
  • University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • University of Valencia, Spain
  • Spanish National University for Distance Education (UNED), Spain
  • DigitalOne, Hong Kong
  • Bir Zeit University, Palestine
  • Elearning Network of Australasia (ElNet)

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